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AiZA New Generation

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Title Screen

AiZA [New Generation]

Developers: Lawins, Tier Heit
Publisher: Takeru
Platform: PC-98
Released in JP: April 1991

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

If your game:

  • Looks like Ys
  • Plays like Ys
  • Uses Ys' Equipment and inventory system down to 5 progressive pieces per equipment line
  • Starts you off with 1000 gold, like Ys
  • Has a Prison Key and Treasure Key like Ys
  • Has large, tall columns in their artificial structures like Ys
  • Has a red-haired protagonist who is found unconscious on a shoreline before the story begins
  • Has a blue-haired female supporting character and a blue-haired, white-dressed goddess

It is DEFINITELY AiZA [New Generation]. On the plus (or negative) side, it does add platforming elements that are needed for several dungeons.

Unused Items

AiZA comes with 37 item slots, but only 22 are used. Most of the remaining slots have some form of content in them.

AiZA pc98 unused01.png
#3カ一ラのリング (Collar Ring)
(No Description)

  • Trying to view the description will bring up a phony menu where the only option is EXIT. Nothing happens after it closes.

AiZA pc98 unused02.png
#9: No name. No description. Share the same item sprite as 王室の鍵 (Royal Key).

AiZA pc98 unused03.png
#12: ガイアの靴 (Gaia's Boots)
These are special boots that improve movement.

AiZA pc98 unused04.png
#13: 呼応の笛 (Flute of Calling)
It seems to be a flute that calls something.

AiZA pc98 unused05.png
#14: 海神の楽譜 (Poseidon's Musical Score)
It's the musical score to cross over to Gyzus's Tower.

AiZA pc98 unused06.png
#17: ランプ (Lamp)
(No Description)

AiZA pc98 unused07.png
#20: 白水の衣 (White Water Suit)
This garment protects you from the flames.

AiZA pc98 unused08.png
#23: アイロスの翼 (Iros's Wing)
(No Description)

AiZA pc98 unused09.png
#30: サ一ラの鍵 (Sara's Key)
(No Description)

AiZA pc98 unused10.png
#31: ラ一スの方位磁針(Ruth's Magnetic Compass)
This is a magnetic compass that presumes the direction。

AiZA pc98 unused03.png
#33: No name. No description. Share the same item sprite as ガイアの靴 (Gaia's Boots).

Item #'s 34-36 have no image, name or description

AiZA pc98 unused11.png
#37: No name. No description.