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Alice: Madness Returns

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Title Screen

Alice: Madness Returns

Developer: Spicy Horse
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: July 21, 2011
Released in US: June 14, 2011
Released in EU: June 16, 2011

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DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.

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There are unused models and sounds.

Alice: Madness Returns chronicles what happens when Alice goes mad once, and has the madness return.


Early Alice Liddell

Surprisingly, this unused early model of Alice contains quite a few animations.

Alice_Idle: Idle animation.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Idle.gif

Alice_Jump_Fall: Landing animation.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Jump Fall.gif

Alice_Jump_Fall01: Falling animation.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Jump Falling.gif

Alice_Jump_Run_Fall: Falling after running.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Jump Run Fall.gif

Alice_Jump_Run_Land: Landing after running.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Jump Run Land.gif

Alice_Jump_Run_Start: Starting to run.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Jump Run Start.gif

Alice_Jump_Start: Starting to jump.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Jump Start.gif

Alice_Run: Running animation.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Run.gif

Alice_RunBreak_L: Stop running, left.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice RunBreak L.gif

Alice_RunBreak_R: Stop running, right.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice RunBreak R.gif

Alice_Turn90Left_NoRotaion: Turning 90 degrees to the left.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Turn90Left NoRotaion.gif

Alice_Turn90Right_NoRotaion: Turning 90 degrees to the right.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Turn90Right NoRotaion.gif

Alice_Walk: Walking animation.

AliceMadnessReturns Anim Alice Walk.gif

Unused Models


AliceMadnessReturns Ph Person.png

Named PH_Person, this model was used as an actor placeholder but was left in the game files.

Early Alice Liddell


Named Alice_New, this is the second-earliest model made for Alice. It was scrapped fairly early in development, but was later used by the developers for particle testing and ended up left unused within the game files.

Early Vorpal Blade


An early Vorpal Blade model. Beside having a slightly curved blade, darker and greenish detailing, it contains less blood than the used model.

Tailed Siren Alice Dress

AliceMadnessReturns SirenAlice1.png

With the swimming ability being scrapped late in development, the tailed version of the Siren dress ended up still being present within the game files.

Debug Texts

Some debug menu texts can be found within the game's executable.

Alice CheckPoint...
Alice Cloth Global Configuration...
Alice Hair Menu...
Alice Log Controller...
Alice Logic Debug Menu...
Alice Smoke Menu...
Alice Weapon Debug Menu...
Alice2 AI DEBUG MENU : LTrig=Close Menu RTrig=Keep on Screen, ref time is %f
Debug HUD
Debug Info Footprint
Debug Info Used Space
Debug Load CheckPoint
Debug Load Config
Debug Load PlayerList
Debug Memory
Debug Save CheckPoint
Debug Save Config
Debug Save PlayerList
Debug Tracker
Debugging component %s
FightFlag 0x%x,ShuffleDelayTime =%f shield[0] = %d shield[1] = %d shield[2] = %d
sphinx sequence run history Log stack.:
SphinxNPC Unreal Info:
SphinxObj Show Debug Info