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All Grown Up!: Express Yourself

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Title Screen

All Grown Up!: Express Yourself

Developer: Altron
Publisher: THQ
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: October 19, 2004
Released in EU: April 22, 2005

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

"Finally, a game just for girls!", starring the cast of Rugrats, All Grown Up!.

Unused Text

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Is it still there?

Debug Menu

Text for a debug menu is present in the ROM.

Town area 1        Town area 2        Town area 3        Town area 4        Town area 5       
Forest area 1      Forest area 2      Forest area 3        Room Dill          Room Kimi        
Garden Party         Room Phil          Room Susie       School area 1      School area 2      
School area 3      School area 4      School area 5      School area 6      School area 7      
School area 8      School area 9      School area 10     Shopping mall 1    Shopping mall 2    
Shopping mall 3    Shopping mall 4    Shopping mall 5    Shopping mall 6    Shopping mall 7    
Shopping mall 8    Shopping mall 9  
GAME BG         GAME ANI        GAME ANI W/BG   GAME BGM        GAME SFX        EDIT BG         
EDIT OBJ                             07/23/2004                 
Angelica Dash          Angelica Look up       Angelica Crouch        Angelica Jump         
Angelica Fall          Angelica Ladder        Angelica Talk          Angelica Go inside           
Angelica Happy         Angelica Surprised     Angelica Game clear    Angelica Wait          
Angelica Ladder end    Angelica Turn          Angelica Pick up phone Angelica Telephoning                          
    Tommy Idling           Tommy Move             Tommy Talk             Tommy Provoke      
     Kimi Idling            Kimi Move              Kimi Talk         
      Lil Idling             Lil Move               Lil Talk         
     Phil Idling            Phil Move              Phil Talk              Phil Provoke      
      Dil Idling             Dil Move               Dil Talk               Dil Provoke      
    Susie Idling           Susie Talk         
  Chuckie Idling         Chuckie Move           Chuckie Talk           Chuckie Provoke      
     Sagi Idling            Sagi Dash         
    Spike Idling           Spike Move             Spike Dash         
   Harold Idling          Harold Move            Harold Talk         
 Savannah Idling        Savannah Move          Savannah Talk          Savannah Provoke      
    Shone Idling           Shone Move             Shone Talk 1           Shone Talk 2       
   Jastin Move            Jastin Talk 1          Jastin Talk 2       
    Nicol Idling           Nicol Move             Nicol Talk 1           Nicol Talk 2       
      Jii Idling             Jii Move               Jii Talk 1             Jii Talk 2       
Bigfoot Idling         Bigfoot Talk 1         Bigfoot Talk 2       
Teacher woman Move     Teacher woman Talk 1   Teacher woman Talk 2   
Teacher man Move       Teacher man Talk 1     Teacher man Talk 2    
Chuckie fat. Move      Chuckie fat. Talk     
Chuckie mot. Move      Chuckie mot. Talk 1    Chuckie mot. Talk 2   
Rocket mini game             Volleyball                Staff roll            Edit menu ragrats1        
Edit menu oriental        Edit menu classic          Edit menu pop_3           Edit menu pop_2           
Edit menu pop_1         Edit menu Kimi Screen     Edit menu Susie Screen    Edit menu Lil Screen      
Edit menu Phil Screen    Edit menu Dil Screen     Edit menu Chuckie Screen   Edit menu Tommy Screen  
Edit menu Angelica Screen       Result Screen        Mission, Mini-Game Menu         Camera Boy               
Slide Puzzle             X-treme Rafting          Midnight Delivery          Hamburger Panic          
Fashion Cordinator        Humming Expert 3          Humming Expert 2          Humming Expert 1              
Pause Menu                  Town                      School                    Forest              
 Residential Area            Main Street                Game clear                 Game over                
 Main menu                Title bgm
Cursor Movement                Select                   Cancel                     Pause             
Player movement , dash             Jump                    Landing               Throw something              
HIT sound                   Damage               Screen Change 1           Screen Change 2            
All life lost              Restore life           Item Acquistion 1         Item Acquistion 2         
Item Acquistion 3      Hit Obstacle, hit a wall     Break an obstacle      Open or Close a window    
Going up or down ladder   Clear condition starts   Enemy character attack 1  Enemy character attack 2  
Enemy character attack 3            Success                    Fail                    Level Up              
Tally Up Points            Number Counter         Rubberboat Colliding          Water Spray                 
Cheers                Dissapointment             River Sound              Camera Shutter        
hitting the V.ball (S)    hitting the V.ball (M)    hitting the V.ball (B)   Telephone Ringing Sound        
Button Sound              Point achieve            Egg burn sound               Misson logo              
Start logo              Stand move sound            Water sound          Bottle increase sound       
Bottle throw sound        Bottle fall sound              Whistle                Result screen

Build Date

A build date is present among the menu text.