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Angry Birds Seasons (Android)

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Title Screen

Angry Birds Seasons

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platform: Android
Released internationally: November 4, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Just like Classic, older versions can contain developer scripts, doc 6.6.2's.

Originally known as Angry Birds Halloween, Angry Birds Seasons basically takes the formula of the original game but gives each of the chapters the theme of a particular holiday or, of course, season.

Debugging Functions

Just like past Angry Birds games built with Lua, debugging functions are mentioned in certain Lua scripts and some are named that way.

Debugging Info in Credits

Like almost any Angry Birds game built with Lua, the credits page often shows debugging info: the Cloud data URL is shown as well as the customerString.

Developer Cheats

If developer cheats are on in build settings, it will be possible to use developer cheats, there's also key-based cheats but they aren't possible to be done on mobile releases and this game has a LOT:

Main Menu:

  • Cheat FTE!: ? Flags you as a cheater in Pig Challenge?
  • Facebook Login Details: Shows whether you are logged or not and what account name if so with Logged in as: XXX X. (full first name and first letter of last) as a sample, in the top right corner.

Powerup Shop:

  • Empty buttons: Gives the user the purchase without actual payment, this appears on Special Offers, Shockwave+Telebird page, Powerup page in the corners and Mighty Eagle page in the middle.
  • Downgrade: Allows the user to downgrade Shockwave or Telebird by one level.


  • Empty button: Gives the user all hats for each bird for the collection for the session, can toggle back to legal ownership by current save data.


  • Empty buttons: Grants the user the challenge to be successful without any proper actions.


  • Empty buttons: Grants the user the episode challenge to be successful without any proper actions.

Coin Shop:

  • Empty button 1: Grants the user 5000 coins (top left corner of popup and removes ADS?).
  • Empty button 2: Grants the user the opportunity to get the free Sling Scope for 10 min by watching an AD (bottom middle), a popup for the offer of activating the Sling Scope for 10 minutes for an AD watched is called and clicking ACTIVATE! displays a message going by: No videos available!!! Since this is a cheat build, will enable Sling Scope offer anyways. if no ads are present, otherwise forces an AD to be watched for one.


  • Instant Win: Touching the bottom left corner (even if the powerup icon is overtop) multiple times will instantly beat the level with approximately the amount for a 3-star score.


  • AD watch simulation: Allows the user to simulate watching ADs offline or when none are present while not actually watching one and immediately getting the rewards.
  • All levels unlocked (no golden eggs): Unlocks all levels on every boot, for a session, not a save.
  • Call debug console: If the game is responding, it's possible to call the debug console. Touching near the bottom right corner two times will call it, scrolling is still buggy like the PC version and scrolling to an empty area will crash the game.

Level Editor

There's a call for loading the level editor (1.1.0-1.2.1 still loads non-empty levels after encrypted and/or compiled lua but 2.5.0 and 4.1.0 still work), but 1.3.0-2.4.1 levels was empty after encrypted and/or compiled lua, the original files aren't present on public releases of v2.5.0+