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Angry Birds Seasons (Windows)

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Angry Birds Seasons

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 4, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Debugging Functions

Just like past Angry Birds games built with Lua, debugging functions are mentioned in certain Lua scripts and some are named that way.

Debugging Info in Credits

Like almost any Angry Birds game built with Lua, the credits page often shows debugging info: the Cloud data URL is shown as well as the customerString.

Developer Cheats

If developer cheats are on in build settings, it will be possible to use developer cheats, there's also key-based cheats.


  • Instant Win: Touching the bottom left corner (even if the powerup icon is overtop) multiple times will instantly beat the level with approximately the amount for a 3-star score.


  • All levels unlocked (no golden eggs): Unlocks all levels on every boot, for a session, not a save.
  • Call debug console: If the game is responding, it's possible to call the debug console. Touching near the bottom right corner two times or pressing SHIFT-D will call it

Level Editor

There's a call for loading the level editor, but unfortunately the files aren't present on public releases of v2.4.1+ (Or v1.5.1) so it's impossible to load it on those versions.


Remnant of said level editor?

Executable build paths

Version Location
1.5.1 C:\Nokia\devices\Nokia_Symbian3_SDK_v0.8\Rovio_AngryBirdsSeasons\build\msvc10\Distribution PC\AngryBirdsSeasons.pdb

1.5.1's extremely weird.