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Angry Birds Trilogy (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

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Title Screen

Angry Birds Trilogy

Developers: Rovio, Housemarque
Publisher: Activision
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released in US: September 15, 2012
Released in EU: September 28, 2012

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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To do:
  • PS3 version has executable code executed on bootup to load a full.edat file, most likely this was supposed to be for licensing a demo version to the full game, which is also likely given by leftover scripting code as well. Go into the messy filesystem and check patch differences.
  • Upload the ABTrilogy Console UnusedCutsceneSound 1.mp3 sound.
  • Find the unused content for the Wii/Wii U, 3DS and the Vita versions.
  • Document oddities (e.g.: Pig defeat sounds playing when freeing caged birds in the Rio portion game.)

Angry Birds Trilogy bundles the three classic Angry Birds games we know and love into one giant package ready to play on your next-gen² console, in full HD for the very first time²²!

²In 2012.

²²Not if you already played them on an iPad.

Unused Graphics

ABTrilogy HighEnd DLC2 Placeholder.png ABTrilogy HighEnd DLC2 Placeholder 2.png ABTrilogy HighEnd DLC Placeholder LevelCategory.png

Placeholder images for a second DLC pack, being the Fowl Tempered Pack are present in the first DLC pack, the Anger Management Pack.

(Source: AB Modding Hub: serif#8152)

Odd Level File

scripts/game_data/original/levels/pack12/level242.lua is almost empty, it only has a Red bird and small Pig beside each other. A rough decompilation of the level is below.

themeSprites = {}
castleCameraData = {
  version = "0.02",
  ipad = {
    sy = 0.8,
    sx = 0.8,
    px = 69.218,
    py = -180.479,
    screenHeight = 768,
    screenWidth = 1024
levelParticles = {}
joints = {}
world = {
  SmallPiglette_1 = {
    y = -0.95,
    x = -4.45,
    name = "SmallPiglette_1",
    angle = 0,
    definition = "SmallPiglette"
  ground = {
    y = 5,
    x = 0,
    name = "ground",
    angle = 0,
    definition = "Ground"
  RedBird_1 = {
    y = -0.95,
    x = -7.75,
    name = "RedBird_1",
    startNumber = 1,
    angle = 0,
    definition = "RedBird"
physicsToWorld = 20
counts = {RedBird = 1, SmallPiglette = 1}
theme = "theme1"
birdCameraData = {
  version = "0.02",
  ipad = {
    sy = 0.8,
    sx = 0.8,
    px = -57.7937,
    py = -180.479,
    screenHeight = 768,
    screenWidth = 1024

Debug Mode

To do:
The related functions ARE present in the Xbox 360 version as well but how to enable?

On PlayStation 3, the game checks if a debug.edat file is present the root of the content directory of the disc for the game's region (PSN also checks for discs) on boot. If it is, the game checks if the console can decrypt it. If the check succeeds, debug mode will be enabled.


Information about the build is displayed. Up can also be pressed to resume the game from the current level, if not present, loads 1-1 of Angry Birds Classic.

ABTrilogy NextGen Title BuildInfo.png

Main Menu

A debug menu on the side is displayed. You can use START to switch to navigating the debug menu which uses D-Pad inputs along with X to choose options.

ABTrilogy Highend MainMenu DebugMenu.png

Option Function
Particle Viewer See Particle Viewer.
Font Image Viewer See Font Image Viewer.
Unlock Levels Unlocks all levels.
Lock All Locks all cutscenes and levels.
Unlock Cutscenes Unlocks all cutscenes.
Unlock Mighty Eagle Unlocks the Mighty Eagle for the save.
Test Screen ?

Particle Viewer

A simple particle viewer, you cannot play more than one at once. There's also no way to scroll quickly so navigation here will be slow.

ABTrilogy HighEnd ParticleViewer.png

Font Image Viewer

A simple display of the font texture, Left/Right on both does ?

ABTrilogy HighEnd FontImageViewer.png

Test Screen

To do:
Confirm if it changed in EU.

A simple display.

ABTrilogy HighEnd TestScreen v1.png

ABTrilogy HighEnd TestScreen EU.png

The EU version changed it to a list of options that have no purpose.

Level Select

  • idx (Index of levels) are displayed.
  • lb (Leaderboard items) of levels are displayed.
  • The first two letters of the names of birds in the level from the level statistics are displayed in left-to-right order in this format:

The below birds for that string are:

RE: Red
BL: Black/Bomb
YE: Yellow/Chuck
SM: Small/Blue
WH/BA: White/Matilda

Interestingly the last has two aliases.


The below keys can be used on the D-Pad.

Down: Fails level, if Pigs are dead, terminates the level
Up: Three-Star Level with score of 100000
Left: Kill all Pigs
Right: Next Level


  • Licensor movies and the save display can be skipped with X or START.
  • Locations to files of levels are displayed, split with dots.
  • Vertical inputs are faster for scrolling the lines in the credits screen.

Unused Cutscene Audio

In Angry Birds Classic, pre-rendered movies are used for all of the cutscenes, however related sound files for it are present in the audio package and unused, suggesting the game was planned to display the cutscenes in the style of still images from the original and/or maybe it was a case of Rovio forgetting to remove them after the change.

File:ABTrilogy Console UnusedCutsceneSound 1.mp3

Developer Save File

A compiled settings file for Angry Birds Rio from most likely the developers is present in scripts/game_data/rio as settings.lua. Since a highscores.lua file isn't present, it's not possible to see the user's scores. Unlike saves in the original game, this one doesn't use encryption. A rough decompilation is below.

    platform = {
  device = "ipad",
  hardwareID = "00-22-15-89-EE-3F"
viewedCutscenes = {theme1Start = true}
flurryFirstTimeLevelCollected = true
screenWidth = 1242
screenHeight = 692
achievements = {}
tutorials = {
  YellowBird = "TUTORIAL_YELLOW",
  WhiteBird = "TUTORIAL_WHITE",
  SmallBlueBird = "TUTORIAL_BLUE",
  RedBird = "TUTORIAL_RED"
fullScreen = false
currentLevelSelectionPages = {
  episode2 = 2,
  episode3 = 1,
  episode1 = 2
lastOpenLevels = {
  warehouse = 16,
  jungle1 = 16,
  carnival1 = 1,
  jungle2 = 16,
  beach1 = 16,
  warehouse2 = 16,
  beach2 = 16
playtime = "1040"
episodesCompleted = {
  episode2 = {completed = true},
  episode3 = {completed = true},
  episode1 = {completed = true}
audioEnabled = true

Command-Line Parameters

The game executable mentions a number of working command-line parameters that can be passed to it, you can separate inputs with space.

-noaudio = Turn off all audio
-nosounds = Turn off sound effects
-nomusic = Turn off music
-nosplash = Turn off splash screen
-game:<original | seasons |rio> = Start a specific game
-level:<chapter>-<level> = Start the game in a specific level (use with -game)
-screenshotmode = Use screenshot mode
-screenshotfolder:<folder> = User defined screenshot folder (Shire otherwise)
-testmode = Use test mode
-birdscamera = Start level with birds
-zoomin = Start level zoomed in
-zoomout = Start level zoomed out


Some not having descriptions are:


-nosplash, -game along with -level, -nohud and -screenshotmode have no known effect as most likely debug mode has to be enabled for those to work.

Script Compilation Paths

While the original games removed most compilation information, this game left it in all the game scripts, providing a slight insight for source file locations on the developer's end. * can be data_patch for updates or data_dlc_0* for DLC.


Build Dates

The game executable has build dates.

Release Header text
PlayStation 3 (US disc) Build: 'BETA_48' Build time: Jul 30 2012.08:58:11:PS3 US
PlayStation 3 (US disc [Update]) Build: 'DLC2_12' Build time: Jan 25 2013.11:42:33:PS3 US
PlayStation 3 (EU disc) Build: 'MASTER_59' Build time: Aug 24 2012.18:57:51:PS3 EU
PlayStation 3 (EU disc [Update]) Build: 'DLC2_12' Build time: Jan 25 2013.11:42:01:PS3 EU
PlayStation 3 (US PSN)
PlayStation 3 (US PSN [Update])
PlayStation 3 (EU PSN) Build: 'PATCH_22_2' Build time: Nov 19 2012.19:29:04:PS3 EU
PlayStation 3 (EU PSN [Update]) Build: 'DLC2_12' Build time: Jan 25 2013.11:43:04:PS3 EU
Xbox 360 Build: 'MASTER_57' Build time: Aug 11 2012.11:39:03:Xbox360 XX
Xbox 360 TU1 Build: 'PATCH_22' Build time: Nov 9 2012.11:06:20:Xbox360 XX
Xbox 360 TU2 Build: 'DLC2_13' Build time: Jan 30 2013.16:49:14:Xbox360 XX