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Antonball Deluxe/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Antonball Deluxe.

To do:
There's still a lot to be found.

Unused Sprites

Anton Chungus (spr_anton_chungus)

An unused sprite of Anton as... Big Chungus. This was used earlier in development as a placeholder, but its object doesn't exist anymore.

PC-Antonball-punchball spr anton chungus-1.png

Big Chungus (spr_bigchungus)

A sprite of Big Chungus himself, and also goes unused.

PC-Antonball-punchball spr bigchungus-1.png

Trump On A Shell (hi)

Considering this comes from the same game that has a sprite of Big Chungus in its files, it's not even surprising to see an unused sprite of former US president Donald Trump riding a koopa shell in Shifting Sand Land from Super Mario 64.


Autosave Icon (spr_autosave)

Meant for autosaving the game, which happens almost instantly with Game Maker games, making this useless.

PC-Antonball-spr autosave-1.png

Antonball Ending Cutscene Sprite Sheet #1 (spr_cs2_anton675)

A sprite sheet for Antonball's final cutscene. A majority of the sprites are used, except for the oil drip.

PC-Antonball-spr cs2 anton675-1.png

Antonball Ending Cutscene Sprite Sheet #2 (spr_cs2_sheet)

Another sprite sheet. The scene was originally intended to last longer with Anton waving his fist and falling down the pit in anger, as well ending with a similar shot to the opening cutscene.

PC-Antonball-spr cs2 sheet-1.png

PC-Antonball-fistwave spr cs2 sheet-1.gif

Unused Used
PC-Antonball-alt spr cs2 antonfall-1.png PC-Antonball-spr cs2 antonfall-1.png
PC-Antonball-alt spr cs1 underground-1.png PC-Antonball-spr cs1 underground-1.png
PC-Antonball-alt tile cs2 pavement-1.png PC-Antonball-tile cs2 pavement-1.png

Nina Falling Over (spr_cs4_nina_fallen)

An identical sprite to spr_cs4_danton_nina_knocked, now without Danton.

PC-Antonball-spr cs4 nina fallen-1.png

Vs Level Banner (spr_level_selected)

Part of an early version of the Vs level select screen. This would've been shown below the Vs stage icons when a stage was selected that has a question mark. All of this was later changed to not only change the icons, but remove these banners.

PC-Antonball-spr level selected-1.png

Vs Level Icons (spr_levels)

Icons, also for an early version of the Vs select screen. Only 3 of the 9 levels have an icon, and the rest has a question mark. Notice how the beach icon was originally set at daytime.

PC-Antonball-spr levels-1.png PC-Antonball-spr levels-2.png PC-Antonball-spr levels-3.png PC-Antonball-spr levels-4.png

Dot Matrix Level Banner (spr_levelpreview_dotmatrix)

A banner for "Dot Matrix", also meant for an earlier version of the Vs select screen, though this level was later changed to be a hidden level.

PC-Antonball-spr levelpreview dotmatrix-1.png

Early Lottery Machine (spr_lotterymachine_OLD)

An older version of the Lottery Machine with different shading and lighting.

Unused Used
PC-Antonball-spr lotterymachine OLD-1.png PC-Antonball-spr lottery complete-1.png

-10000 Points (spr_n10000)

Used for the big bomb, which has some scrapped functionality as seen in a very late prerelease video. When you would've hit the bomb in a regular stage, all the bricks in that stage would be broken, but the player would lose 10000 points as a penalty.

PC-Antonball-spr n10000-1.png

Anton Face Fadeout (spr_pinhole1)

An alternative (sort of creepy looking) pinhole sprite for Anton with a cutout for eyes and mouth.

Unused Used
PC-Antonball-spr pinhole1-1.png PC-Antonball-spr pinhole-1.png

Spinning Red Ball (Sprite792)

A spinning red ball with the Summitsphere logo on it. Very fitting.


Unused Backgrounds

Factory Pipe Placement Guide (bg_brickfactory_guide)

An image for helping the developers with the placements of the steaming background pipes in Brick Factory.

PC-Antonball-bg brickfactory guide-1.png