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Ape Escape 2/Regional Differences

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This is a sub-page of Ape Escape 2.

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Title Screen

Japan Europe US
SaruGetchu2TitleScreen JP.png Ape Escape 2 TitleScreenEU.png Ape Escape 2-title.png
  • The Japanese version of the game has the animation for its logo, in addition, it uses a different font for Japanese and English lettering.
  • The European version of the game uses a completely different title logo.
  • The US version of the game has the logo being the same style as likely the Japanese version, but except for its animation. in addition, the registered trademark symbol was replaced with an unregistered trademark symbol, and the exclamation mark for "Press the START button" text was removed.
  • The copyright info was also updated.

Opening Song

Japan International

The Japanese opening song "Yappari Saru Getchu" by "SHINGEN-MONKEYS" was replaced with a different track for the international releases. This change was also reflected in the title screen, but the Japanese opening song was unused in the game's files.

Pink Monkey Boss Stage

  • The banner on the stage was changed for the international versions.
  • The FMV in the bottom right corner, as well as when unlocking in the movie section, has the song info shown in the Japanese version.
Japan International
SaruGetchu2 AnatawoGetchudifferenceJP.png ApeEscape2AnatawoGetchuEU.png


In the Japanese version, "SHINGEN MONKEYS" was also credited for the Japanese version's main theme.

Japanese Version

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
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Specifically: Aren't the 3 monkeys normally not obtainable in the Japanese version obtained via online?
  • The Japanese version has a mechanic called quick gadget swapping that is not present in the international versions. This was an important knowledge for speedrunners in the game.
  • The Japanese versions had a total of 297 monkeys that can be caught while playing the game, a separate disc can unlock 3 monkeys that can be saved on a memory card, it was removed in the international versions and the 3 monkeys are available normally.
  • The Japanese version has compatibility with a special "Ukki-Ukki" disc that would unlock the "Salva Star" for Jimmy, this was removed in the international versions.