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Ardy Lightfoot

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Title Screen

Ardy Lightfoot

Developer: ASCII Entertainment
Publishers: ASCII Entertainment (JP), Titus (US/EU)
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: November 26, 1993
Released in US: February 1994
Released in EU: October 31, 1994

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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A sort of a hidden gem platformer for the SNES, featuring an anthropomorphic cat creature and his blue Kirby-like sidekick.

Regional Differences

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Several elements were changed or outright removed for the international versions.

  • Ardy has a waiting animation in the Japanese version where he wags has tail and taps his hand. This was removed in the international versions.
  • Don Jacoby has a cigarette in the Japanese version. It's gone in the international versions.
  • In the game over screen, the jail cell that Ardy is in had its title changed from "The Most Unlucky Man" to "Viscontis Jail" for the international versions.
  • In Scene 4, there are lumberjack bears tied to trees as well as a crying bear appearing in the Japanese version. They were removed in the international versions.
  • In Scene 6, Catry is found as a fleshless skeleton in the Japanese version. The international versions just made her unconscious and removed the acid dropping from the ceiling as well.