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Armored Unit

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Title Screen

Armored Unit

Developer: Sammy
Publisher: Sammy
Platform: WonderSwan
Released in JP: November 18, 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.


Map File
Embedded in the ROM is a map file generated by the LSI C-86 compiler; Located at offset 0x64482.

To enter Swan OS modify the initial task: alpha_init to select_init in the tsk_init routine.

800A:01D6                 mov     word ptr ds:888h, 0Bh   ; select_init offset 
800A:01DC                 mov     word ptr ds:88Ah, 8212h ; select_init segment 

Swan OS

Swan OS
Name Address
select_init 8212:000B
   Sammy Special Version    
     Swan OS level2.13 9/18 
  Swan ??????????? Program  
                    By ?????
  Copyright 1998 SUCCESS/   
        pad check!!         
X: dat: aeg: rep: Swan-ID : 
0:    :    :    :         : 
1:    :    :    :         : 
       system check!!       
    :    :    :    :    :   
        sound check!        
SEno:SE2P:    :    :Seri:Lv.
    :    :    :    :    :   

Press Start to enter the System Menu.

Press X1 or X3 to cycle through the sound effects.

Press A to play a sound effect or B to stop playing a sound effect.

Press A + B + Start to restart.

System Menu


Press X1 or X3 to nagivate the menu.

Press Start or A to select a menu item.

System I(nter)P(rocess) Message

Name Address
ip_mes_test_init 830F:06BD

Press X2 + X4 + A to initialize test.

Press Start to return to the System Menu.

System Debug

Name Address
debug_init 8385:0068

Press Start to return to the System Menu.

System Console

Name Address
console_init 839B:023F
SW8000EX Console Ver 1.00b
Copyright 1999 By minisoft/

  ReturnSystem Push !!
   [L]+[R] and [A] Button

Press X2 + X4 + A to return to the System Menu.

System Memory

Hex Viewer
Name Address
memory_test_init 841D:0108

Press X2 + X4 + A to initialize test.

Press Y2 to continously scroll through memory and Y1 to stop.

Press Y2 + Y4 + A for hex viewer.

Press Start to return to the System Menu.

FillSail Segment Logo

The following is a unused placeholder logo within the segment FILLSAIL.

 A2250H A2D3FH 00AF0H FILLSAIL               FAR_DATA