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Ashita no Joe Densetsu

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Title Screen

Ashita no Joe Densetsu

Also known as: Legend of Success Joe (English)
Developer: Wave
Publisher: SNK
Platforms: Neo Geo
Released in JP: August 30, 1991

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Ashita no Joe Densetsu is the second arcade game based on the nationally-famous boxing manga Ashita no Joe, running on the Neo Geo hardware one year after its introduction... and failing to look or sound any better than the first games released for it. Needless to say, this game was never released outside Japan.

English Mode

Despite not being released outside Japan, Ashita no Joe Densetsu, like most Neo Geo games, includes an English mode activated on US, European and Asian devices, which retitles the game to Legend of Success Joe. The game is thus best known by this title outside Japan due to most emulators running with US or European BIOS by default unless otherwise specified.

Japanese English
AshitaNoJoeDensetsu TitleIntroJP.png
AshitaNoJoeDensetsu TitleScreenJP.png
AshitaNoJoeDensetsu TitleIntroEN.png
AshitaNoJoeDensetsu TitleScreenEN.png

It comes complete with a new logo, including a redesigned background for it, alongside translations of the copyright text and the manga author credits.

Japanese English
AshitaNoJoeDensetsu HowToPlayJP.png
AshitaNoJoeDensetsu StoryJP.png
AshitaNoJoeDensetsu HowtoPlayEN.png
AshitaNoJoeDensetsu StoryEN.png

All of the gameplay and story text is translated, though the Jumbotron text is in English in all versions. The text overall appears to have been translated literally; includes grammatical mistakes and awkward phrasing; and inherits the Jumbotron misspelling of the final opponent's name, "José Mendoza" (ホセ・メンドーサ), as "Hose Mendose", as well as its reading of "Kim Yong-bi" (金 竜飛) as "Kin Ryuhi" (the Japanese on reading). It is also displayed with one of the Neo-Geo's plain white system fonts rather than the larger, custom gradient-colored fonts used for the original Japanese text. All instances of speech in the game (mostly from Joe's trainer Danpei) are not dubbed and thus remain in Japanese.