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Assault Vehicles

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Title Screen

Assault Vehicles

Developer: XYZ Entertainment
Publisher: XYZ Entertainment
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released internationally: November 1998

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

If you're driving a school bus through the Himalayas, firing missiles at an EMP-capable farm tractor and a Humvee that can turn invisible, you might be playing Assault Vehicles.


The installer is a disguised copy of HyperCard Player 2.4.1. You can page through its cards with the "Prev" command (⌘2), use the ⌘-spacebar trick to reveal HyperCard's menus, and even open other stacks from within the installer.

Data Files

In the demo, the AV DATA folder contains files numbered AV 00.dat through AV 25.dat. Most of these are empty except for a placeholder string resource:

Reserved For Future Use.

On the CD, files 01 through 15 all contain game data, 00 and 16-24 remain empty, and 25 still contains the advertisement from the demo.

Assault Vehicles (Mac OS Classic) - Demo.png

To do:
The "Not available in demo" buttons are in there too, but resist being extracted, screencapped, or emulated.

What's odd is that the CD adds 74 further files, numbered 26 through 99, all of which are empty placeholders... except for AV 75.dat, which is a second copy of the demo-specific file 25.