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Atomic Bomberman/Unused Voice Clips/Clean

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This is a sub-page of Atomic Bomberman/Unused Voice Clips.

Most of these are alternate takes of used lines, though there are some bits of dialogue that are completely unused.

Alternate Line Readings



Power-Up (Big)

Armed to the teeth, and bad to the bone.

Back off, man!

Bombs away!

Call me 'Daddy'."

Come get some!

Come on!

Cooking with propane!

Damn, I'm good.

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Here kitty, kitty, kitty.

I'll murder ya.

I'll slap you down.

I'm da bomb!

It's party time.

Let the bombs lie!

Now I'm packing.

Ooh yeah

Serendipity, baby.

Shake my booty!

Somebody stop me!

Talk to the hand.

That's right, back up!

Time for a dirt nap.

That's it, it's time for Zen Bomberman!

Walking tall.

What a rush!

Who's the man?

Who's your daddy?

You need to back up off me.

You talking to me?

Player Death

Become one with the bomb.

Cheesy rat.

Crispy brown!

Down to a fiery grave.

Drop a bomb on me.


Easy as blowing fish in a barrel.

Eat dirt.


Get off my land!

Got a light?

Got any marshmallows?

I'm not gonna say a word.

Isn't death grand?

Light it up, bright boy.

Love you, princess.

Man, you blow!

Must be a personal problem.

No problem.

Ooh, that's gotta hurt.

Oops, I'm sorry.

Pushing daisies.

Six feet under.

Smell the smoke!


Snap, crackle, pop.

So long, sucker!

Street pizza, baby.


Suck it down!

Take it like a man!

This is my house.

This is too easy.

Want some Sunblock 2000?

What's happening, hot stuff?

You are a stupid man's idiot.

You're fired!

You're not welcome here.

You suck.

Bomb String

Clear the decks!

Coming through!

Easy there, tough guy.

Eat this!

Fire in the hole!


Laugh it up, fuseball/fuzzball.

Light 'em up.

Look out!

Nuke it!

Run away!

Suicide run!

Taking it home!

Totally nuclear.

Watch the flames corkscrew.


I'm very proud of you.

You win!

Draw Game

Draw game!

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it?

We'll see who gets the last laugh!






Here comes Poopman!


It hurts so bad!


Make it stop!


My eye!

Oh no!

Tag, you're it!

Too much pain!

You're killing me.

Unused Lines

Match Start

Bombers ready?

Let's get ready to crumble.

Let's get ready to rumba.

Let's get ready to rumble!


Welcome to Hell.

Power-Up (Big)

Eat my dust and lick my back.

Hail Gondor!

I am God here.

I am whole now.

I'll break your ____ing head with a ratchet!

I will break bomb!

Oh, damn!

Player Death

You're screwed!

You're nothing but powder now.


Will you guys cut out this macho crap, and hurry up?


That's two.


Cripsy brown!


Crap, not again!

I'd sooner kiss a Wookiee!

I'm being oppressed!


(Source: Original TCRF research)