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Atomic Runner (Genesis)

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Title Screen

Atomic Runner

Also known as: Chelnov (JP)
Developer: Data East
Publisher: Data East
Platform: Genesis
Released in JP: September 16, 1992
Released in US: 1992
Released in EU: 1992

LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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There are two cheats in the game, and the second one requires the first one to work. There is no confirmation of either cheat code; they will just work.

First, hold Down + C + Start on the second controller on the Data East screen.
With this cheat code, pressing Start on the second controller will skip to the next level. This does not work on the final level (it will do nothing, rather than skip to the ending). If you are paused, the effect will take place when you unpause.
Second, after doing the above, open the Options screen and select sound code 21. Then, hold Up + A + C on the second controller and press Start on the first controller to exit the Options screen.
If done correctly, holding any button (or any combination of buttons) on the second controller while pausing will cause you to become invincible. Pausing without pressing any buttons on the second controller will turn off invincibility.

(Source: andlabs)