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Title Screen

avelantis: sokka e fia

Developer: Nias
Platform: Windows

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

This game was stuffed away in a cardboard box and found 30 years later in a garage
This game was never completed and/or given a public release.
As a result of this, keep in mind that the developers might have used or deleted some of the content featured here, had the game actually been released.

Avelantis is one of the first vertical shmups, if not the first, to have all of its text written entirely in a conlang (Arka). While progress on the fifth stage was reported, Nias hasn't given any notice of a full release since 2013.

This page covers the three-stage demo, which was the last version released and the only one currently available.

Unused Stage

Stage 4 is present in the files, albeit in an unfinished state. While it has its own title image, it just uses the Game Over track for music (likely due to it being next to the Stage 3 boss' theme, which would explain the empty feeling given off). It also has two midbosses and one boss, but none of them have sprites or names.

Thumbs.db Images

Cached within a Thumbs.db file inside rans/ixta, the folder for the images used in the manual, are a few earlier versions of existing images as well as some that aren't used in any form. Due to the nature of compression within Thumbs.db files, the quality and resolution of these files are very low.

Thumbs.db Image Used Image (if available) Filename Translation Date Modified Notes
Avelantis-thumbnailOtherTitlescreen.jpg Avelantis-OldTitlescreen.png 20100204063026.png 2010/02/04 06:30:26 2/3/2010 (21:34:32 UTC) A very early version of the title screen. The logo is notably drawn in a very different style compared to the final one, while the menu options use a gothic-like font instead.
Avelantis-thumbnailTitlescreen.jpg N/A est.png Title 5/14/2010 (18:04:44 UTC) A newer version of the title screen, this time with a font for the menu options closer to the style of the logo.
Avelantis-thumbnailEarlyXikiPortrait.jpg N/A xiki1.png 9/23/2009 (23:32:04 UTC) Seems to be an early version of Xiki's portrait. The used version is xiki2.png.
Avelantis-thumbnailEarlyXikiPortrait.jpg N/A xiki1png.png 9/23/2009 (23:32:04 UTC) A duplicate of xiki1.png.
Avelantis-thumbnailEarlyXikiPortrait.jpg N/A xikiノ1png.png xikiNO1png 9/23/2009 (23:32:04 UTC) Another duplicate of xiki1.png. It's possible that the "ノ" was intended to be the possessive particle "の", but it's just as possible to have been garbage text considering the following images.
Avelantis-thumbnailFinalXikiPortrait.jpg Avelantis-ManualXikiPortrait.png xikiゥ2png.png xikiU2png 9/23/2009 (23:16:46 UTC) A duplicate of xiki2.png.
Avelantis-thumbnailYuukiPortrait.jpg Avelantis-ManualYuukiPortrait.png yuukiァ2png.png yuukiA2png 9/24/2009 (00:00:08 UTC) A different version of yuuki2.png with brighter eyes. It's also higher up, thus having more pixels from the original portrait art.
Avelantis-thumbnailXikiBomb.jpg Avelantis-ManualXikiBomb.png xiki12.png 2/3/2010 (20:44:02 UTC) A version of xiki11.png with more pixels from supposedly the original image uncovered.
Avelantis-thumbnailYuukiBomb1.jpg Avelantis-ManualYuukiBomb1.png yuuki02.png 2/3/2010 (20:44:16 UTC) A duplicate of yuuki01.png.
Avelantis-thumbnailYuukiBomb2.jpg Avelantis-ManualYuukiBomb2.png yuuki12.png 2/3/2010 (21:25:14 UTC) Same deal as xiki12.png with yuuki11.png instead.
Avelantis-thumbnailYuukiBomb2Stretched.jpg Avelantis-ManualYuukiBomb2.png yuuki112.png 2/3/2010 (21:23:46 UTC) A version of yuuki11.png with more width than necessary.
Avelantis-thumbnailBigPowerItem.jpg Avelantis-BigPowerItem.png vir_kai.png Big Mana 4/29/2010 (02:00:30 UTC) Brighter than the final image used.
Avelantis-thumbnailSmallPowerItem.jpg Avelantis-ManualSmallPowerItem.png vir_lis.png Small Mana 4/29/2010 (02:00:54 UTC) Same deal as vir_kai.png.
Avelantis-thumbnailPowerItem.jpg N/A vir.png Mana 9/24/2009 (15:42:50 UTC) An item that shares a name with the power items. Any further relation is unknown.
Avelantis-thumbnailSpellcard.jpg Avelantis-SpellcardItem.gif kardia.png Spellcard 9/24/2009 (17:03:44 UTC) The card is on top of a red border instead of alone and is not spinning, only showing a black face without the cherry blossom flowers found on it in the final image. Curiously, its black face is in the same position as the thumbnail's.
Avelantis-thumbnailDiaItem.jpg N/A dia.png Fantasy 9/24/2009 (16:17:48 UTC) What this was supposed to represent is not known.
Avelantis-thumbnailYunoItem.jpg N/A yuno.png Stamina 9/24/2009 (16:59:02 UTC) An item supposedly belonging to the Yuno system. In-game, this system doesn't have an item at all.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Revisional Differences

Nias listed the differences between each version released, but only in relation to bugfixes.


  • Replay desynchronization when starting a full game clear replay from Stage 3
  • The option to erase your name in the name entry menu not working
  • The Score menu breaking down


  • More replay desynchronization, especially when fast-forwarding one
  • Loading files occasionally crashing the game
(Source: Avelantis Atwiki)