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B.Rap Boys

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Title Screen

B.Rap Boys

Developer: Kaneko
Publisher: Kaneko
Platform: Arcade (Kaneko 16-bit)
Released in JP: June 1992[1]
Released in US: March 1992[2]

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

B.Rap Boys is Kaneko's second beat 'em up featuring the funky style from DJ Boy, this time being focused on the titular music genre that was trending at the time. Unfortunately for this one, it remained an arcade-exclusive and became way more obscure than its predecessor.

To do:
  • This game has a TON more unused and unfinished graphics, including enemies, animated character mugshots, several font styles (including one with upper- and lowercase letters), an early game logo, and more.
  • Compare with the later release, B.Rap Boys Special, which added some things not present in the original.

Unused Graphics

To do:
There are scaled and rotated versions of the game and Kaneko logos stored across several graphic banks.

Brap boys logos.png
It looks like Kaneko showed this game to lots of companies before deciding to publish it themselves.

Brap boys mecha1.png Brap boys mecha2.png Brap boys mecha3.png Brap boys mecha4.png
There are some unshaded graphics for the mech-using Stage 1 boss.

Brap boys mechaboom.gif
An unshaded version of the Stage 1 boss' defeat animation. The finalized version is stored separately from this one.

If the player manages to grab the Mexican guy miniboss when wielding a stick or baseball bat while playing as Pea (the P2 character), the miniboss will be hit in the rear end, and that's where the first frame seen here is used. This is funny, but it was originally planned to be even more hilarious as seen by the unused other two frames: the guy's pants were meant to fall down, which would've made it somewhat more painful, but deserved considering how frustrating this prick is.