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BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2

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Title Screen

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Satellaview
Released in JP: June 1, 1997 (Practice), August 10, 1997 (SoundLink)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 is the sequel to BS F-Zero Grand Prix, and as with that game is a special Satellaview version of F-Zero featuring new tracks and vehicles.

Two versions of Grand Prix 2 were released: a "Practice" containing five courses (Mute City IV, Big Blue II, Sand Storm I, Silence II, and Sand Storm II; the last four were introduced in BS F-Zero Grand Prix, with Mute City IV being completely new), and a two-week live SoundLink event featuring the five Practice courses and five more new tracks (Forest I, Forest II, Forest III, Metal Fort I, and Metal Fort II).

This page covers the Practice version.

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Multiple weeks of the Practice version have been found, compare them.

F-Zero Leftovers

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Check the game more thoroughly.

While the game has only five playable race tracks, there are some remnants of White Land I and White Land II. By using Pro Action Replay (PAR) codes 7E005308 (White Land I) and 7E005309 (White Land II) in Grand Prix mode, the levels name, graphics, music, and minimap will appear. Their track layout itself loads corrupted Mute City IV data, however. They also have an unused entry in the records menu (see below).

Remnants of Mute City II and III can be seen in Grand Prix mode by using Pro Action Replay (PAR) codes on the league selection screen, making the game think you've chosen the removed Queen League (7E005A01) or King League (7E005A02).

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 - Mute City II remnants.png BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 - Mute City III remnants.png

Even more remnants consisting of Red Canyon I, Red Canyon II, and Death Wind II also exist. Like the other remnants, these still retain their level name, graphics, music and minimap, and loads corrupted Mute City IV data. They also have an unused entry in the records menu. These remnants can be seen by using Pro Action Replay (PAR) codes 7E005307 for Red Canyon I, 7E00530D for Red Canyon II, and 7E00530B for Death Wind II in Grand Prix mode.

BSF-Zero-RedCanyonRemnants.png BSF-Zero-DeathWindIIRemnants.png

Pro Action Replay (PAR) code 7E00F2?? can be used to access the records for the unused tracks as well.

07: Red Canyon I
08: White Land I
09: White Land II
0B: Death Wind II
0D: Red Canyon II

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 - red canyon 1 remnants.png BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 - red canyon 2 remnants.png

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 - white land 1 remnants.png BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 - death wind 2 remnants.png

Unused Music

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How to access the rest of the music.

The game's soundtrack is reused from the original F-Zero, but as mentioned above not every song is heard in normal gameplay.

Congratulations Screen

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This is weird... It's pretty clear this was supposed to be seen by players, but there doesn't seem to be any way to access this normally. Maybe something changed prior to the Practice version's release?

There's a screen that congratulates the player and tells them to send their results by fax.

Pro Action Replay (PAR) codes 7E005404 7E005500 can be used simultaneously to change the "game state" to show this screen. If the graphics appear glitched, disable the cheats and press Start. After that, the records menu will appear. Then, just select the invisible option available above the "EXIT" option.

The screen consists of four pages:

Image Text Translation
Page 1
サウンドリンクゲーム「BS F-ZE
Please send your results by postcard or FAX.
The info you have submitted may be featured
during the broadcast of the Sound Link game
"BS F-ZERO Grand Prix 2"
(scheduled to be broadcast in August).
Page 2
Please do not forget to include the following information when applying:
Results (Your time), Password, Address, Name (phonetic),
Age, Occupation, Sex, Phone number, Impression of the game,
If you wish to be featured during the broadcast (YES/NO)
Page 3
〒111 東京都台東区浅草橋5-21-4
「BS F-ZERO2 予選」係

FAX 03(3863)1744
Asakusabashi 5-21-4 Taito Ward Tokyo Prefecture 111
"BS F-ZERO2 qualifiers" staff

FAX 03 (3863) 1744
Entries arriving by July 2 (Wed) will be accepted.
Page 4
グランプリモードでの ご応募も
We are also taking in entries of Grand Prix mode results.


The Blue Thunder and Luna Bomber acceleration graphs appear to have been swapped. In-game, Luna Bomber reaches its top speed much quicker than Blue Thunder.