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Baal (Amiga)

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Title Screen


Developer: Psygnosis
Publisher: Psyclapse
Platform: Amiga
Released internationally: 1989

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Message

A rant from the developer can be found with a hex editor inside /data/1F.baal, right at the beginning of the file.

Hi world! Trying to hack the game eh? Ah well, shouldn't be too difficult as it isn't 
mega-protected (if you want a challenge try cracking the ST version...)    By the way 
if you are looking for cheat modes, don't bother 'cos there aren't any! (There used 
to be quite a few but the boys down at Siggy Noses made me take them out- sorry folks!).
Does anyone know who decided to use the oh so f***ing crap MFM system for the disky 
drivers? Since the AmigaDOS is THE worst system I've ever had the displeasure to program 
under, I decided to write all my own drivers and it wasn't fun I can tell you! - Give me 
the ST's controller anyday!!! 

A few hello's now to:....... 
Ian 'wide boy' Hetherington, Jonathan 'mr clean' Ellis and 
all the other guys n gals at Siggy house, Dave 'menace' Jones, Dave 'gibbo' Gibbons, 
Mark 'aparryantly so' Parry, Frank 'srs' Tout, everyone at the Leeds 16 bit 
user group (a particularly good group as the meetings are held in a pub!), 
and finally anyone else who knows me (and probably wishes they didn't!). 

...this is Wayne signing off on the 3rd of January 1989, still pissed as a fart 
from the new year celebrations- of 1987!).

PS. A good hacker has talent, pirates are just thieving scum.