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Back to the Future: The Game/Episode 1: It's About Time

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This is a sub-page of Back to the Future: The Game.


Unused Audio
"Hey, kid! Wanna buy a car?"

Unused Inventory Icons

BTTFTG PC E1ui item guntommy.png
A Tommy Gun. It was replaced in the game by Kid Tannen's revolver, which is used in the episode's final puzzle.

Placeholder Textures and Images

BTTFTG PC E1template ampconsolea.png
A placeholder image for a puzzle from early in the game.

BTTFTG PC E1obj apartmentinterior photoframeb.png
Smaller pictures from Edna Strickland's apartment at the start of the game. Only the upper-left portrait is visible; the other three are replaced by drawings, rather than these early versions based on actual photos, and are not used.

BTTFTG PC E1obj mallexteriornight signboardc.png
A mirrored Twin Pines Mall sign texture. The text is placed in a different location in comparison to the final version, and the clock's font is different.

Hidden Content in Images

BTTFTG PC E1ui item subpoenaarthur.png BTTFTG PC E1obj subpoenaarthur.png
Both the inventory icon and the texture for Arthur McFly's Subpoena are dated November 9, 1986, despite the subpoena being delivered on June 13, 1931.

BTTFTG PC E1obj soupkitcheninterior boxesa.png BTTFTG PC E1obj soupkitcheninterior boxesb.png BTTFTG PC E1obj soupkitcheninterior papers.png
The boxes used in the Soup Kitchen in 1931 have fairly modern logos for the time.

Unused Textures

BTTFTG PC E1tile townsquare policehq board.png
This texture is not used by the game anywhere. The Police logos used in the game are completely different.

Early Load Screen

A four-frame animated load screen. The final game uses similar screens, but without the game's logo.

Sam and Max Leftovers

Newspaper vending machines!


BTTFTG PC E1env jukebox graphics.png
A texture from a Jukebox. Note how it features songs performed by The Mafia Bears and The Soda Poppers.

BTTFTG PC E1obj videocassette.png
All the VHS tapes in the game feature Brady Culture's face.

Monkey Island Textures

BTTFTG PC E1env flotbeachkeelnewspaper a.png
A leftover texture from Telltale's Monkey Island game.

CSI (?) Textures

BTTFTG PC E1obj brokenwatch.png
A broken watch, presumably from a CSI game.

BTTFTG PC E1map environc3vicapta.png BTTFTG PC E1map environc3vicaptb.png
Two environment map images from a CSI game crime scene.

Unknown Textures

BTTFTG PC E1map environmentcelebritypoker.png
An environment map for a Celebrity Poker tournament. Poker Night at the Inventory?