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Back to the Future: The Game/Episode 1: It's About Time/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of Back to the Future: The Game/Episode 1: It's About Time.

Alternate Takes


Used Unused Notes
In the game, Doc apologizes to Marty for what just happened. The alternate take is much more manic and desperate.
An earlier take where Marty never mentions who was in his dream. His voice also sounds less rough.

Hill Valley

Used Unused Notes
Apparently Doc's assumed name in 1931 was John Doe at one point. In the final game he goes by Carl Sagan.
"Hill Valley Stationers" said in two different ways.

Unused Clips

There are also a fairly large amount of unused clips in the game, sometimes including funny annotations by the developers in the script files. Text between curly brackets is used to describe the character's pose or animation, while the text enclosed in square brackets are comments by the script writers about the scene or how a voice file should be performed. Additionally, many of these files do not have subtitles for them, which means they are never used.

Intro (Dream)

Sound Clip Character Transcript
Marty Doc, what is it?
Doc I've made a horrible mistake!
Doc Marty! Heeeeeeeeelp!
Marty Doc! Don't go!

Intro (Cut Dream Sequence)

These lines appear to be from a cut sequence from the intro where Marty finds himself being attacked by Biff Tannen before waking up in his room.

Sound Clip Character Transcript
Marty Huh?
Marty Einstein?
Marty Doc...?
Biff Not even close, butthead!
Marty Biff!
Biff Say hello to your dad, McFly!
Biff Doc's dead, kid!
Biff Tell your mom I said hi, McFly!

Intro (Marty's Room)

Sound Clip Character Transcript
Marty Doc... come back.

Doc's Lab

Sound File Character Transcript/Text
Biff {smug}[humming "Wild Thing" guitar riffs to himself][or maybe "Jumping Jack Flash"][heck let's record a bunch]
Sound File Character Transcript/Text
Marty [quoting a movie he recently saw] {Excited} "This one goes to 11."

Hill Valley Town Square

Sound Clip Character Transcript
Marty Statler... DeSoto.
Car Dealer Hey, kid! Wanna buy a car?
Marty No, ah, I've already got a -
Car Dealer C'mon kid, I'm dying here! Lemme show you the '31s! 67 horses under these hoods!
Marty I've already got a car.

The Statler DeSoto car dealership is part of the scenery in 1931, but you can't click on the signs, or go inside. The joke may have been a bit too dark for the game considering how lighthearted it is.

Adlibbed Takes

Sound File Character Transcript/Text
Biff At one point, Einstein distracts Kid Tannen so Marty can escape. In these adlibbed takes, it sounds like Biff is being licked by Einstein since he mentions his "horrible" breath.

Other Lines

To do:
Need someone familiar with this game to sort these properly.
Sound File Character Transcript/Text
Marty I'm, um, Bruce Springsteen.
Marty I'm, uh… Joe Montana.
Marty I'm, um... Morgan. Uh, Fairchild.

It looks like Marty was going to have to choose the names of either a singer-songwriter, a quarterback, or an actress before that changed to the names of crime drama characters.

Sound File Character Transcript/Text
Emmett Don't touch those! These are very sensitive legal documents, nobody's supposed to handle them but sworn officers of the court. Pop--I mean, District Attorney Brown says so!

Brown is a judge in the final game.

Sound File Character Transcript/Text
Marty Hey guys, it's Marty McFly. It's great to be back in the year 2010 making a kickass game with you. Keep up the great work, and don't work too late. And go easy on the audio guys. If one of your audio guys accidentally sets fire to the carpet... Go easy on him.

A cute message and PSA from Marty McFly himself to the development team.