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Back to the Future: The Game (Windows)/Episode 3: Citizen Brown

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This is a sub-page of Back to the Future: The Game (Windows).

Unused Inventory Icons

BTTFTG PC E3 ui item magnifyingglasscb.png
This inventory icon for a magnifying glass is found in the game's assets. While you can't pick up a magnifying glass and put it in your inventory, one does exist and is used by Citizen Brown during a story sequence. The item may have been usable at one point.

Dystopic Future

This anti-establishment newsletter is in the game, as Leech can be seen reading it behind the counter before you ring the bell at SoupMo. However, since Leech is behind a glass window, the cover is difficult to make out.

BTTFTG PC E3 obj paperdemerit.png
Despite you getting these demerits in 1986, they're dated November 18, 2009.

BTTFTG PC E3 env speakeasyaltcbalbumsa.png
These are textures for some records that are hidden away in a storage vault. The cover in the lower-left is the back cover for a CD release of River of Time by S.O.S. Band. Others include Beastie Boys, The Smiths, Metallica, Rod Stewart, Sex Pistols, and the Top Gun soundtrack.

Sam and Max Leftovers

BTTFTG PC E3 env easterislandlostfounda text.png
Some textures from the Lost and Found box in Sam and Max Season 2: Moai Better Blues.

Banaaaaaaaaaaaaang! ... yeah, that's about all we can say about it.