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Bad News Baseball

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Title Screen

Bad News Baseball

Also known as: Gekitou!! Stadium (JP)
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo
Platform: NES
Released in JP: December 15, 1989
Released in US: June 1990

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Bad News Baseball is a sports game where you can perform a home run so powerful it knocks baseballs into outer space.

It's not very realistic, to say the least.

Regional Differences

To do:
Get better translations of the Japanese names, list all the team logo/color differences and cover the other changes (including voice samples)
Japan USA
GekitouStadium-title.png Bad News Baseball-title.png

Other than the obvious translation changes, a few things on the title screen were touched up for the American release.

  • The menu and copyright were given a different, better-looking font.
  • The copyright text itself was extended.
  • The trademark symbol was moved down and made blue.
Japan USA
GekitouStadium-teammenu.png Bad News Baseball-teammenu.png

The teams were changed from random things in the Japanese version to Canadian and American cities/states in the American version. Of note is that each of the twelve logos in the Japanese version corresponds to a Nippon Professional Baseball team of the time (in order: Chunichi Dragons, Lotte Orions, Fukuoka Daiei Hawks, Hankyu Braves, Nippon-Ham Fighters, Kintetsu Buffaloes, Seibu Lions, Hanshin Tigers, Yakult Swallows, Yokohama Taiyo Whales, Hiroshima Carp and Yomiuri Giants).

Team Name (Japan) Translation Team Name (US)
どっぐす Dogs San Francisco
お〜びっつ Orbits Toronto
ほ〜ま〜ず Homers Detroit
ぶる〜ざ〜す Bruisers Boston
ふぃ〜ば〜ず Fevers Texas
ばんぱ〜ず Bumpers Oakland
らいな〜ず Liners Minnesota
とる〜ぱ〜ず Troopers St. Louis
すかいや〜ず Skyers? New York
ういんぐす Wings Chicago
きゃっつ Cats Atlanta
ぎがんつ Gigants Los Angeles

"Gigants" is an intentional misspelling—the Japanese text specifically reads ぎがんつ (gigantsu), and not じゃいあんつ (jaiantsu), which would be a more accurate rendering of "Giants". This was probably done because of the lack of an NPB license.

Japan USA
GekitouStadium-teamjersey.png Bad News Baseball-teamjersey.png

In addition to the background being darker, every team's color was changed for the US release.

Team Name (Japan/US) Jersey Color (Japan) Jersey Color (US)
Dogs/San Francisco Light Blue and Dark Blue White and Black
Orbits/Toronto Blue and Magenta White and Light Blue
Homers/Detroit Vermilion and Dark Green Gray and Black
Bruisers/Boston Olive and Blue White and Magenta
Fevers/Texas White and Light Pink Light Pink and Blue
Bumpers/Oakland Gray and Magenta Olive and Dark Green
Liners/Minnesota White and Light Blue Light Gray and Purple
Troopers/St. Louis Gray and Black Light Purple and Magenta
Skyers/New York Light Pink and Blue Vermilion and Blue
Wings/Chicago White and Blue Light Blue and Blue
Cats/Atlanta White and Magenta White and Purple
Gigants/Los Angeles White and Black White and Blue