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Bad Piggies (Android)

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Title Screen

Bad Piggies

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platform: Android
Released internationally: September 12, 2012

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Bad Piggies is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment, and was the company's first spin-off of Angry Birds.

Unused Graphics

Placeholder Terrain Texture

There are 2 placeholder terrain texture images named defaultCurveTexture and defaultFillTexture, which use the same image. They consist of a black and white checkered pattern with text saying "ADD A TERRAIN TEXTURE" on them.

Bad Piggies defaultCurveTexture.png

Debugging Utilities

The game's assembly and assets directory mention debugging utilities, unfortunately, there are NO key based inputs for debugging commands/cheats.

Developer Cheat Menu

A developer cheat menu is present, it shows various options and King Pig saying "Jolly good day, sir", sir would be replaced with the name of the hardware, if on Android (which would likely happen), <unknown> will show instead due to no API for it is present in Unity for Android, otherwise if the device name is empty, sir will be shown. It uses the credits texture with a monocle on King Pig in the background for some reason, other than "HELLO PETER" on the old/PC versions of the game, it's more organized compared to the old/PC version's. There are two ways to load it, level file swapping then loading the different screen and changing build settings, to prevent online cheats, the methods to enable it are private.

BP Android OpenCheatsAtMainMenu.png


  • Toggle game mode:: Toggles between the Cake Race Preview Mode and None.
  • Clear downloaded assetbundles: Deletes cached pictures from Hidden Loot Crates downloaded online.
  • Reset progress: Resets progress and generates a new save for everything except player level.
  • 1-star all levels: 1-stars all levels for a save.
  • 3-stars all but one: 3-stars almost all levels for a save, the excluded level is randomized each time.
  • 3-stars all: 3-stars all levels for a save.
  • Sandbox all starboxes: Makes status show 40/40 stars collected for all sandboxes for a save.
  • Unlimited Sandbox Parts: Adds 100x (MAX CAP) of each resource to a save for all sandboxes.
  • Set low/default target FPS: Forces the game to run at 25FPS instead of 60FPS for a session, can toggle back to 60FPS.
  • Log Flurry Events: Logs Flurry events to an XML while the game is running, can be toggled to off, defaulted to on.
  • Unlock all levels: Unlocks all/some (if trial) levels with a 0 star rating for a save.
  • Restore IAPs: Unlocks all one-time IAPs for a save.
  • Reset IAPs: Removes all one-time IAPs for a save.
  • Add 10 Autobuilds: Adds 10 Super Mechanics to a save.
  • Add Wooden crate: Adds a wooden crate opening process to a save, can be used multiple times.
  • Add Metal crate: Adds a metal crate opening process to a save, can be used multiple times.
  • Add Golden crate: Adds a golden crate opening process to a save, can be used multiple times.
  • Add 10 Glue, Magnet, Turbo and NightVision: Adds 10x of the Super Glues, Magnets, Turbo Charges and Night Vision powerups to a save.
  • Unlock all sandboxes: Unlocks all sandboxes for a save.
  • Unlock Field of Dreams: Unlocks Field of Dreams for a save, without getting the IAP on it.
  • Unlock Little Pig Adventure: Unlocks Little Big Adventure for a save, without spending Snout Coins.
  • Unlock iOS Full version: No effect on Android, a leftover iOS debugging feature...
  • Mimic 1.8.0 install version. Game needs to be restarted.: Tells the game to mimic installation of v1.8.0 for the next boot.
  • Unlock & 3-star Race Levels except for last: 3-stars all but the last Cake Race level for a save.
  • Add some desserts: Adds a portion of desserts for feeding King Pig for a save, multiple uses grant more.
  • Enable basic mechanic: Unlocks the Premium Mechanic for a save.
  • Test Force Update. You must relaunch the app manually: Tells the game to simulate a forced update installation on the next boot.
  • Set force update timer to one minute. You must relaunch the app manually: Tells the game the time in 1min to force an update on the next boot.
  • Unlock All Free Levels: No effect on Android as it is technically the full version of the game with ADs.
  • Reset snout intro: Reset Snout Coins intro for a save.
  • Add 1000 snout coins: Adds approximately 1000 Snout Coins to a save.
  • Add 100 scrap: Adds approximately 100 Scrap to a save.
  • Reset Double Reward: Resets the reward time for Double Rewards via ADs while active.
  • Add Double Reward Time: Adds the 30min reward time for Double Rewards via ADs.
  • Consume Double Reward Time (5min): Consumes 5 minutes of the reward time for Double Rewards via ADs while active.
  • Unlock all custom parts: Unlocks all custom vehicle parts for a save.
  • Unlock all Common parts: Unlocks all common custom vehicle parts for a save.
  • Unlock all Rare parts: Unlocks all rare custom vehicle parts for a save.
  • Unlock all Epic parts: Unlocks all epic custom vehicle parts for a save.
  • Unlock all Legendary parts: Unlocks all legendary vehicle parts for a save.
  • Unlock all craftable items: Unlocks all craftable items for a save.
  • Reset Workshop Tutorial: Resets the tutorial for the FTUE of the Scrap Machine for a save.
  • Reset Crate Craze popup: Resets the popup for the Crate Craze shop offer.
  • Do process purchases: Allows the game to use IAPs, can toggle to off, defaulted to on.
  • CRASH CLIENT: Crashes the game (But doesn't work?).
  • Force Garbage Collection: Forces the game to collect garbage (?).
  • Schedule notification 1min: Makes the game schedule a notification after one minute.
  • Schedule notification 1min 30sec: Makes the game schedule a notification after one minute and thirty seconds.
  • Schedule notification 2min: Makes the game schedule a notification after two minutes.
  • Use faster notification schedule: Makes the game use a faster notification schedule, can be toggled back, defaulted to realtime.
  • Clear PlayerPrefs: Empties content in the v2 PlayerPrefs XML file.
  • Ask About Notifications Again: Makes the game ask about turning on/off notifications.
  • Get all but one customizations: Unlocks almost all customizations, one is randomly excluded.
  • Level Up: Levels up your level.
  • Reset level to 1: Changes your level value to 1.
  • Set level to 5: Changes your level value to 5.
  • Force local game configuration "False" (requires restart): Forces the game to not use a local game configuration file on the next boot.
  • Current cup: CakeRaceCupX Advance to next cup: Advances to the next cup, cannot be done if the player level is low, also shows Enable rank cheat.
  • Enable rank cheat: Sets your player rank in the leaderboards of Cake Race(?).
  • Reset cup cheats: Resets your Cake race rank and leaderboard standing to original values.
  • Generate test leaderboard: Generates a test Cake Race leaderboard where you can modify the amount and player rank (?).
  • Clear test leaderboard: Removes the test leaderboard, only shows if a test leaderboard is present.
  • Reset alien machine: Makes the game go back to the original scrap machine for a save.
  • Reset Cake Race unlock: Makes the game do the FTUE for unlocking Cake Race for a save.
  • Skip cake race tutorial: Makes the game skip the Cake Race tutorial for a save.
  • Back to Main Menu: Goes back to Main Menu.

Other Info

In the bottom-right corner, the application_version and svn_revision values from build configuration is shown in this format below Debug up top (vX.X.X - XXXX), the text isn't scaled for smaller phones so it's not so useful on them.

BP Android DebugMenu.png

Hidden Loot Crates

If developer cheats are on, the hidden NEW CHALLENGE button will appear, in the menu, a button called TOGGLE CHEATS is present, touching it shows the levels for the three daily loot crates and shortcuts to the levels, touching the level names also make the game act as you watched an AD to know the level, NEXT LEVEL and NEXT LOOTCRATE are also present, but don't work.

BP Android HiddenLootCrateCheats.png

In-Game Debugging Utilities

If build settings are modified to make the game act like a cheating build, these pig buttons will appear in levels aside from sandboxes and King Pig feed, in the game's assembly, these are referred as cheat buttons, CheatButton1Star and CheatButton3Star, unfortunately both don't work (as of 3..


Instantly moves the pig to the finish and objects it is using, 3-stars the level and also collects skulls.

Mechanic Pig

Instantly moves the pig and objects it is using, damages the contraption and "beats" the level.

BP Android InGameCheats.png


If the game is a development build, the SVN revision number is shown by the version number.

China Mode

This game has an alternative China version, distributed by TalkWeb, a Chinese mobile game distributor. If China version is enabled in BuildConfiguration, there will be an extra Weibo button in the settings menu. In addition, the movie link is changed to "YoutubeChina", which redirects the browser to Youku, a Chinese equivalent. It seems that the Chinese build uses TalkWeb's IAP instead of Google or App Store; the code, though, is not in the international distribution.

Developer Note

	Texts in this file are updated from localization Excel file (e.g. WPF_localization.xlsx).
	All texts added manually and not added to localization Excel file will be removed, 
	but it is ALLOWED TO EDIT ATTRIBUTES of any text item (e.g. character_size, line_spacing ...)
	Attention! All localized text presented in the game must come from this file to ensure that the font atlases contain all required characters.
	Also note that the character set must exactly match this file (for example do not use string.ToUpper() in a script).
	Localization instructions:
	0. Ignore the <languages> element
	1. Ensure the file encoding remains UTF-8 (without BOM) when saving changes
	2. ALWAYS transfer the xml file insize a .zip file when using e-mail transportation: this will avoid the problem where some email clients arbitrarily change attachment text encodings
	3. Each <text> element corresponds to a single item to be localized. The English master text is placed inside an <en-EN> tag and should NEVER be changed by a localizer.
	4. Localized text is to be placed next to the <en-EN> element within a similarly named locale element, for example <it-IT> for italian.
	5. In some items there may be pre-existing localized text as an example. These are for testing and example purposes, and can and SHOULD be overwritten by the actual localized text.
	6. The <description> element contains a context description of the english text for localization reference. It should not be localized.
	7. Ignore any attributes like character_size in elements. Do not remove, duplicate or edit these.
	8. Ensure the xml remains valid, and never change or add any text that is not inside a locale tag like <it-IT> or similar.
	9. You can add valid xml comments however if you want to tag questions or requests for clarification.
	10. Some english text elements have line breaks inside the text. These represent actual line breaks in game text layout. Try to duplicate these in translated text. Never remove these from the english text.

A large note in the localization xml file, localization_data.bytes.

Unused Code

Xbox Game Object?

MainMenu.cs in the main game's assembly file mentions m_xboxLayout once but unused, there is no other mention in the game's files and other scripts.