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Barney's Hide & Seek

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Title Screen

Barney's Hide & Seek

Also known as: Barney's Hide & Seek Game (BR)
Developer: Realtime Associates
Publishers: Sega (US), Tec Toy (BR)
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: 1993
Released in BR: 1993

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Barney's Hide & Seek Game is an educational game targeted for children. Might look boring to a Grown-up as you can finish the whole game by just letting go of your controller for 11 minutes, but for a child it must be like Overwatch! [citation needed]

Developer Message

A lovely message by the Game Developer, Michael Dimambro

Hello, fellow hacker. Copyright(C)1993 Realtime Associates

Stored at address E9C20.