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Baseball Stars (NES)

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Title Screen

Baseball Stars

Also known as: Baseball Star: Mezase Sankanou (JP)
Developer: SNK
Publisher: SNK
Platform: NES
Released in JP: May 19, 1989
Released in US: July 1989

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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US Version Cheats

Super Team

Select the "Make Team" option from the main menu. Then, press Down, Right, Left, Down, Down, Right. Doesn't matter what team strength you are select after that, so just let it be at the "?" option by default. Press A to enter the team name edit screen. A team name will be displayed:



Change it to:



Make sure to include punctuation, and have "IT" on the top line instead of the bottom, then select "END". Now, enter a real team name and complete the team making procedure. The team will have a lot more power than any other teams.

Women's Team

Select the "Make Team" option from the main menu. Now, move the cursor to the "Veterans" strength option, then select any other option. Repeat selecting and deselecting "Veterans" three more times, so this should be a 4 times in total you've selected this option. You can now select anything other than "Veterans" strength to your new team, just don't select the "Veterans" option anymore. Press A to enter the team name edit screen, where this name will be displayed:



Change this to A BIRD. including punctuation, then select "END" and now enter a real team name. Complete the team making procedure. Now, the team consists of women instead of men.

Super Women's Team

Combining the two cheats above will give you the Super Women's team. First, you need to enter the Super team cheat sequence. Note that while you doing this, you need to have selected the "Veterans" team once already. When done, do the same procedure as in the second cheat of selecting deselecting the "Veterans" option 3 more times. Press A to enter the team name edit screen. First, you'll be asked "WHAT IS A WREN?", write the correct answer, and select "END". Then, you'll be asked "WHEN ISNT IT?", write the correct answer again, and select "END". You'll be finally asked about the real team name. When you complete the team making, you'll obtain a women's team with maxed out parameters.

Japan Version Cheats

The cheats are the same, but questions and answers rather different. Instead of "WHAT IS A WREN?", the question is "おののこまちの しものくは" ("Ono no Komachi verse is"), and answer now is "わがみよにふる ながめせしまに" ("As my good looks wither, I worry about love and the world.") instead of "A BIRD.". This is from Ono no Komachi's poem in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu

Instead of "WHEN ISNT IT?", the question is "すとくいんの しものくは" ("Emperor Sutoku's verse is"), and answer is "われてもすえに あわむとぞおもふ" ("Even though we are parted, I believe we will meet again someday.") instead of "WHEN IT IS.". This is from Emperor Sutoku's poem, also in the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu.

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