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Basic Studio

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Title Screen

Basic Studio: Powerful Game Koubou

Developer: Artdink
Publisher: Artdink
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: April 19, 2001

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

Basic Studio: Powerful Game Koubou is a collection of tools that allows you to create games using the BASIC programming language.

Unused Text

BASIC Interpreter

Present in BIN/BASIC.BIN at address 0x0CBA70. This text is probably used for a romaji conversion program test.

Text Translation
apiask_test start : TestNumber N/A
bad test number N/A
apiask_test end N/A
■ローマ字カタカナ変換のテスト ■ Test conversion romaji to katakana
[vaiorinwo,katakananisitekudasai.] "Please convert 'violin' to katakana"
apiask_15_RomaToKata N/A
「ヴァイオリンヲ、カタカナニシテクダサイ。」 "Please convert 'violin' to katakana"
■ローマ字ひらがな変換のテスト ■ Test conversion romaji to hiragana
[vaiorinwo,hiragananisitekudasai.] "Please convert 'violin' to hiragana"
apiask_16_RomaToHira N/A
「ヴぁいおりんを、ひらがなにしてください。」 "Please convert 'violin' to hiragana"
■一括変換のテスト ■ Test all conversion
●辞書名の設定 ● Setting dictionary name
c:\netfront\ask\ask3.dic N/A
apiask_32_SetDicName N/A
maindic N/A
subdic N/A
●一括変換 ● All convert
apiask_19_Henkan N/A
buf N/A
kouho N/A
kouzoku N/A
■変換と全確定のテスト ■ Test conversion and all decision
●変換 ● Convert
●全確定 ● All Convert
apiask_24_AllKakutei N/A
■変換と全候補表示のテスト ■ Test conversion and display all candidates
◆先頭文節の候補数 ◆ Candidate count of front clause
●全候補の表示 ● Display all candidates
◆候補番号 ◆ Candidate number
apiask_21_NextKouho N/A
ask:%s N/A
ask:%s=%s N/A
ask:%s=%d N/A
■◎成功です。 ■◎ Succeed
■×失敗です。 ■× Failed

3D Modeling Tool

Present in BIN/MODELER.BIN at address 0x03BDB0.


SFX Creation Tool

Present in BIN/STOOL.BIN at address 0x402C78.

Text Translation
コピーフラグが立った。%d Enabled copy flag %d