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Batman: Arkham Knight

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Title Screen

Batman: Arkham Knight

Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: June 25, 2015

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Batman: Arkham Knight is an action-adventure game that serves as the conclusion of the main Arkham quadrilogy started in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Notorious for its poor state at launch on the PC, the game was shortly pulled from Steam to fix the issues until October 2015. During this time, the developer also began taking requests for adding in additional features, like the minimization of blue walls in combat and predator, photo mode, additional characters for solo maps, and Knightmare mode for combat.

Warner Bros. was also going to release a Mac and Linux port later in 2015, but due to the aforementioned PC porting disaster, that never came to pass, with Feral Interactive canning the port in early 2016.

Base Game


Gadgets that were cut or leftover.

Gas Mask

At some point in time batman would have a Gas Mask which would be equipped while entering certain infected areas. Textures as well as animations can still be found for it.

Normal which would’ve been used by the gasmask

Fear Dart

This gadget would allow batman to shoot thugs with a fear dart, which would cause them to freak out and become heavily frightened. The class itself can still be found in the Pyg_B1 file. Another package has some leftover selection UI.


It seems originally the Resonator would still be used at some point. It’s leftover in the files and has unique textures for being picked up similar to the REC Gun or Freeze Blast.

Unused UI for Picking up the Resonator

Sonic Batarang

The sonic Batarang is completely leftover from City with its mesh, textures, functionalities, and class. It was likely cut due to the base Batarang now being able to distract along with the fact there is the voice synthesizer and remote hacking device which all have functions extremely similar to it.

The sonic batarang in game.

Gotham's Most Wanted

Victor Zsasz

Zsasz does appear in-game as a cameo when Batman rolls through the clock tower security camera footage to search for Oracle and has a City Story that unlocks after scanning a display with three of his victims. A profile image as well as unused audio, indicates he was supposed to be part of Gotham's Most Wanted. Zsasz was likely scrapped due to the inclusion of the similar but lesser-known character of Professor Pyg.

Zsasz's bio picture.


A model for what looks to be a variation of a Militia Commander is present in the game's files but makes no appearance in-game, that would likely function similar to the armored enemies in Arkham City, requiring a beatdown

Armored Militia Commander.png


Suicide Pursuit Drone

The Suicide Pursuit Drone vehicle was going to be in the base game, but isn't used for some reason.

Suicide Pursuit Drone.jpg

Unused Areas

Additional Riddler Racetrack

An inaccessible area resembling the Waynetech Loop DLC racetrack still remains in the main map beneath an unused Riddler trial door. This was probably going to be another Riddler race track, but got repurposed for the DLC. References to Wonder City can also be found within the DLC.

Elliot Memorial Hospital and Pinkney's Orphanage

Additional rooms are present in the hospital, that can't be seen or reached by the player. Perhaps the hospital was going to be more explorable. Found by u/thelukespark on Reddit

A second hidden Riddler room can be found underneath the map in the Final Exam room. The room also lacks collision. Found by u/thelukespark on Reddit


Suits that didn't make it into the final game. Many of them have localization files in a style similar to Arkham City, possibly implying they were fully made early in development.



  • V7, or the Post Arkham City suit, originally would be a higher quality and cleaned up City suit as can be seen by a few leftover assets. Most notably a picture of the head of the suit as a test asset as well as a left over material, MIC, and textures.
Early V7 Photo
Early V7 Head and Legs texture
V7 Art which features the City cowl along with a flat symbol
  • Batman has many leftover int files using the same structure as City or Origins. Some are completely new, made it into retail release, or skins from the previous titles.
The leftover int files


  • Catwoman also has a couple leftover ints in the same style as City or Origins.


  • Red Hood
  • Unused 2nd Skin
  • Robin as well has some leftover ints in the same style as City or Origins. Most notably is the Damian Wayne one.
Robin leftover ints.png


  • Bruce Timm
  • '66
  • New 52


  • Animated Batmobile

Concept Art


Challenge Maps

Million Dollar Mayhem

Loading screen for "Million Dollar Mayhem".

Not much is known about this challenge other than the Joker was to be a playable character (albeit in the Batmobile). The only remainders were the level select image, few loading screen pictures and the challenge objectives:


Cause as much mayhem as possible within 5 minutes, and send the bill to Wayne Enterprises.

  • Goal 1-Cause $250,000 worth of damage
  • Goal 2-Cause $500,000 worth of damage
  • Goal 3-Cause $1,000,000 worth of damage

A weapon named "WayneTech_Nuke" can be found in the game files, which presumably relates to this DLC

Waynetech Nuke.png

"Season of Infamy"

Cut Characters

The penultimate DLC for Arkham Knight was originally supposed to feature two more characters: Black Mask and Prometheus, whose names also appear in the localization files

Wonderland Beta

Wonderland was very different before the DLC came out, having a different name and more objectives:

Welcome to the Tea Party

Mad Hatter

GCPD Officers Kidnapped

  • Goal 1-5: Rescue 5 GCPD Officers
  • Goal 6: Return to the GCPD
  • Part 7: Most wanted filecase closed

The final product has you only attempting to rescue three of the officers rather than 5.


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