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Batman Returns (DOS)

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Title Screen

Batman Returns

Developer: Park Place Productions[1]
Publishers: Konami[2] (US), GameTek[2] (EU)
Platform: DOS
Released in US: December 15, 1992[2]
Released in EU: 1992[2]

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

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Developer Message

Found at the very beginning of BATMAN.DAT is a message. K.S is Kent Simon, who is credited for programming.

    Thanks for buying Batman Returns the PC game.  The design was agonized
over.  Literaly every pixel of graphics was discussed and many were changed.
But we held on, we stuck together, We finished. All 37 backgrounds were done
by Ivaylo.  The vignettes were done by George then Art, Karen, Brian, and
Ivaylo finished them up.  Karen did the Batman movement screens Milo, Karen,
and Chad did the Batmobile animation.  Karen and Chad did the sequence you
see on the last couple of days.  Ivaylo and Karen did the ID pics with the
exception of me, I did that one.  Brian did Batman, Catwoman, and The Penguin
sprites and concept work for Fatclown and Strongman.  Karen did Fire Breather,
Fatclown and Acrobats.  Steve Q. did the Strongman and some of The Penguin.
Chad did much of the boring initial work on most sprites.  As far as final win
sequences Chad did one of them and Art did the other getting shreck arrested
is the key.  Steve J. played this game for six weeks everyday all day,  Scott
tested and played a couple of hours each day and Corey kept me up to the
minute on what didn't work.  Michelle did the sound effects and music, and
took care of the code for music and Dma sounds.  Jim did the code for
Internal speaker and Adlib sounds.  Andy saved you money! his install and
compression is worth the 49 minutes to compress, 9 to install (on my machine)
one less floppy makes all the difference in the purchase price.  I really 
apreciate everything everyone did to support me on this project. Mike, Troy,
Steve Everyone of Park Place Production Team made it possible and I thank them.
PLAYING THIS GAME IS THE BEST WAY TO SEE IT!                             K.S
(Source: svgaman)