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Battle City (Game Boy)

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Title Screen

Battle City

Developers: Nova, Namco
Publisher: Nova
Platform: Game Boy
Released in JP: August 8, 1991

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.

A port of the NES game, which was a port of the arcade game Tank Battalion.

Hidden Text


The following text is found in the ROM at 0x5946. For some reason it references Weird Al's parody of the Dire Straits song "Money for Nothing".


"TAKE" is credited under "GRAPHIC DESIGN" and "VS GAME DESIGN", while "DRUMMING K.ODA" is credited under "SUB PROGRAM", "MAP DESIGN", "GRAPHIC DESIGN", and "VS GAME DESIGN".


You can also find "DRUMMING K.O" hidden in the game's graphics.

Cheat Codes

Eight cheat codes that can be entered on the title screen exist. Entering a code twice will not deactivate it. Once you entered a code correctly, a jingle will sound. Each code sets a different flag in memory address $C8F2, indicated by bN in the description below.

Code Effect
Left, Left, B, A, Up, Down, A, Right b0 - Start with 9 lives.
Down, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B b1 - Enable all stages.
B, A, B, B, A, B, A, A b2 - Start with level 3 tank.
Down, Left, Up, A, Right, Right, B, Up b3 - Options Menu when starting a new game.
Right, Up, A, Down, B, Left, A, B b4 - Some kind of HARD mode. Increase maximum number of the active enemies on the field to 6 after level 5 (normal value is 4).
Up, Up, Down, Up, Left, Right, Right, Left b5 - Shovel power-up will use a random block instead of block $02.
Up, B, Left, A, Right, B, Down, A b6 - Don't require player to let go of A or B when shooting.
A, Down, A, Up, A, Right, B, Left b7 - Show credits instead of starting game. Will not unlock all stages.

Options Menu

Option Menu with default settings.

Use code b3 from above to access this menu when starting a new game on the title screen.

"SPEED" apparently makes the game run faster. "LEFT" is the number of lives. "EXTEND" determines which of two tables is used to determine at what number of points the player is granted an additional life.

Table A Table B
20000 20000
60000 40000
120000 80000
180000 120000
240000 160000
300000 200000
360000 240000
106800 280000
480000 320000
540000 360000
600000 400000
660000 440000
720000 480000
780000 520000
840000 560000
6168000 6168000