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Battletoads (2020)

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Title Screen


Developer: Dlala Studios
Publisher: Microsoft
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 20, 2020

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

The 2020 Battletoads is a semi-reboot that has left arguments among fans of the series as to whether it's faithful. It doesn't help that the game has several very clear jabs towards said fans, such as an NPC voicing his dislike of the Dark Queen's new appearance (something fans also did) and her ejecting him into space in retaliation, or an NPC saying that 1990s games should be left in the past.

This is also the first Battletoads game not developed by Rare, which may explain a few things.

Unused Sprites

AutographSeeker1 Idle 01 x03.pngAutograph seeker02 idle 01 x03.pngAutograph Seeker03 Idle CleanUp 01 x02.pngAutographseeker04 idle 01 x03.pngAutographSeeker05 Idle 01 x03.png

A group of NPC characters who would ask for autographs of the Battletoads in the first stage and are conveniently named "Autograph Seekers" in the game's files. They all have full animations of waiting in line, receiving their autographs, and walking away. Only the animation of them already holding their autographs is actually used in-game. The alien guy inside of the large space suit doesn't appear anywhere in the game.


A single-sprite enemy named "Thief Ship" in the game's files, which would have appeared in one of the space levels.