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Bendy and the Dark Revival

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Title Screen

Bendy and the Dark Revival

Developer: Joey Drew Studios
Publisher: Joey Drew Studios
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One
Released internationally: November 15, 2022 (Windows), March 1, 2023 (XB1/XBSX/PS4/PS5)

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Developer Messages


A set of six messages encoded in hex format:







When decoded, together they reveal a vent poem from (presumably) the game's previous coder Mike Mood, who had gotten into a lot of hot water by the time of the Windows version's release (it's a long story; see the Talk page above for some details):

many have hate for reasons untrue, with no perfect answer ever to break through. the biases held will never be changed, thus the answers to seek are never to be explained.

through pain and hatred my armour was pierced through, yet the battle was still fought, everything put into it, even for you.

silence was desired, but from the shadows what was seen, were fans wanting more, but just not from me.

the cost was high for blood, sweat and tears. but the battle waged on until we finally made it here.

the power im portrayed to have, the decisions said to be solely mine. it is all fiction, for i am the fall guy, the scapegoat, the sitting duck hated by hearsay. none of it is true, but why believe the one you love to hate.

think of me what you will, no matter how misguided by fluff. but i made it to the end, and got it done, good enough. coding and making this entire game regardless of my fears. you will never hear from me again, but im still here.

Revisional Differences

Vent Writing

In v1.0, there existed an Ink Writing on the walls in a Vent Tunnel with the message "HE DIED HERE" and a set of real-life coordinates. TheMeatly forgot that his fans are... sort of insane, and people actually started going to that location and began disturbing the locals there.

Meatly soon announced that the texture would be removed in the next update, and it was.

Console Versions

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
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  • Festive Mode is absent.
  • The intro and credits videos are different.