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Beyond Dark Castle (Mac OS Classic)

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Title Screen

Beyond Dark Castle

Developer: Silicon Beach Software
Publisher: Silicon Beach Software
Platform: Mac OS Classic
Released in US: February 1988

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Okay! Turns out that literally toppling someone's throne has little to no impact on their political power.

Plan B: "Hurl fireballs at the Black Knight's face until he dies."


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Prerelease Info

Demo Recording

Beyond Dark Castle (Mac OS Classic) - Record.png

The inaccessible recording dialog from the first game can still be found in Data A at DLOG 200. It no longer asks which wing of the castle to play through, as the first room is a fully playable location which is captured as part of the demo.

Option-clicking "Demo" on the main menu, which activates a recording feature in 2008's Return to Dark Castle, sends this game back to its animated title screen. (It has no effect on the original Dark Castle.)