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Bike Race (Android)

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Bike Race (Android)

Developer: Top Free Games
Publisher: Top Free Games
Platform: Android
Released internationally: July 7, 2012

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
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Bike race is a game where you ride bikes and get to the end of the level, this version of the game isn't as prioritized as the iOS version, this also counts for the pro version.

Developer Cheats

To do:
Enable these to show they exist.

A file in res/layout called cheats.xml mentions a menu having developer cheats to use at the title screen, these include:

  • NTP Toggle: Toggle NTP?
  • MaxDailyRandom: Max daily random multiplayer matches.
  • MultiWins: Multiplayer wins.
  • EraseSPRanking: Delete single player ranking?
  • StarsEditText: Edit star count.
  • EasyAchievements: Easily gives achievements?
  • ClearMpGamesProgress: Clear multiplayer games.
  • ClearInitialRaces: Clear initial races?
  • DeleteUserProgress: Deletes the user.
  • DeleteBikesProgress: Delete remote bikes.
  • DeleteReportedTimes: Deletes reported times.
  • ShowInterstitial: Show interstitial?
  • ShowVideo: Shows a video AD?