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Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (GameCube)/European Demo

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This is a sub-page of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (GameCube).

Demo versions of Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg were given out in Europe; one means of delivering them was through magazines. While it looks a lot like the final version, there still are a number of differences. Interestingly, the build date for the demo is the same as the final USA and European releases: April 17, 2003.

Show Debug Info

Version Encrypted Decrypted
USA Demo
Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc
Version 12
0000109A 08000000
0400BAB8 60000000
0400BAC8 3C600011
0400C3E0 3C600011
0400C3FC 3CC00011
0400C41C 3CC00011
00004F54 08000000
0400C378 60000000
0400C388 3C600011
0400C3A0 3C600011
0400C3BC 3CC00011
0400C3DC 3CC00011

(Source: ported from Ralf@gc-forever Action Replay Codes)

General Differences

  • A skippable How To Play movie unique to this demo plays before each level.
  • A skippable movie with gameplay footage plays after each level.
  • No Chick Coins are present in any levels despite showing up in the pause menu.
  • The demo omits the mission number in the text at the start of a level.

Title Screen

BillyHatcher GC EURDemo.png

The only difference in this demo's title screen is the "Playable Demo - Work in progress..." text.

Stage Select

BillyHatcher GC EURDemo StageSelect.png

After the title screen is a unique stage select screen with three missions to choose from, ordered by difficulty. All of these missions are in the released version.

  1. Save Chicken Elder Oma-Oma!, taking place in Forest Village - Labeled Easy
  2. Chick has been kidnapped!, taking place in Dino Mountain - Labeled Normal
  3. Hurry to the Pirate Ship!, taking place in Pirates Island - Labeled Hard

Hatch Egg Button Prompt

BillyHatcher GC EURDemo RPrompt.png

The demo shows a unique R button prompt not present in any other version when an egg is ready to be hatched. It's slightly misleading, since it displays only when holding an egg but hatching eggs requires letting go of them first.

Level Differences

Save Chicken Elder Oma-Oma!

A lot of the differences involve the types of eggs present. There is a much wider variety of eggs available in this level in the demo. This was likely done to show players more eggs in the game, as this level, being the first, effectively serves as the tutorial in the final game.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher GC EURDemo OmaOmaLocation.png BillyHatcher GC Final OmaOmaLocation.png

Oma-Oma's egg is in a different location in the demo, and the other part of the level where it is in the final is inaccessible.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo FV1EmblemLoc.png BillyHatcher Final FV1EmblemLoc.png

The Courage Emblem's location is different between versions as well.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo ExtraFruits.png BillyHatcher Final NoExtraFruits.png

Three large fruits near the Chicken Suit egg are present in the demo but not the final.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo RikolEgg.png BillyHatcher Final NoRikol.png

An egg containing Rikol is present here in the demo but not in the final.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo ClippenEgg.png BillyHatcher Final NoClippenEgg.png

The standard egg in the final is instead a Clippen egg in the demo.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo SonicEggLoc.png BillyHatcher Final SonicEggLoc.png

The Sonic Team egg in the final is a Fire Comb egg in the demo. Both eggs are in slightly different locations.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo TigerEggLoc.png BillyHatcher Final TigerEggLoc.png

The Tiger egg is a Chameleon egg in the demo.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo ReckyEggLoc.png BillyHatcher Final ReckyEggLoc.png

The standard egg here in the final is a Recky egg in the demo.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo CipherEggLoc.png BillyHatcher Final CipherEggLoc.png

The Cipher egg here in the final is missing in the demo.

Chick has been kidnapped!

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo DinoSpawn1.png BillyHatcher Final DinoSpawn1.png

The first enemy spawn consists only of simple enemies in the demo.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo DinoSpawn2.png BillyHatcher Final DinoSpawn2.png

The second enemy spawn in the demo has more enemies overall but only one larger enemy.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo DinoSwitch.png BillyHatcher Final DinoSwitch.png

The pad to unlock the Egg Ring in the demo is simply on the floor. The final has the pad on a wall and an additional Egg Ring to help hit it.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo DinoFruitSpawn.png BillyHatcher Final DinoFruitSpawn.png

The demo has a large banana and apple here, while the final has four small melons instead.

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo DinoGateSwitch.png BillyHatcher Final DinoGateSwitch.png

In the demo, hitting this switch unlocks the side gate, while defeating the enemies in the surrounding area unlocks the gate leading to the lava platforms. In the final, it's impossible to open the side gate in this mission; hitting this switch unlocks the gate leading to the lava platforms instead.

Demo Final
You must hurry!!
Demo Final
If you throw that bomb
away somewhere far away,
Demo Final
you'll be able to
save Chick!

The demo has text that doesn't appear in the final when you approach Chick. For some reason, it refers to Billy as Bill, which doesn't happen in any other text in any version. This text was likely added since players don't have a chance to use these types of bombs in the other levels in the demo.

Hurry to the Pirate Ship!

Demo Final
BillyHatcher EURDemo ChuChuGBAEggLoc.png BillyHatcher Final ChuChuGBAEggLoc.png

The egg containing the Chu Chu Rocket Challenge GBA game in the final is an egg that contains a 1 Up in the demo.