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BioShock/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of BioShock.

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There's a lot more unused voice lines.

A large amount of unused audio files can be found in the .fsb files the game uses to store audio.

Andrew Ryan

Filename Audio Transcript
Is there anything you won't trade for another breath, parasite? Dignity? Honor? Your own identity? You've come to rob my city, but in your absence, I've studied up on you. And I wondered if there was something I could take from you. And now, I know just what it is.

Threats from Ryan, presumably intended to be triggered when the player entered a specific area in Hephaestus.

Filename Audio Transcript
It'll take her a bit to get here. In the meantime... we have to talk.

Line using what is presumably a temporary voice actor. Unclear where this would be used, but is stored in the same .fsb file as the Hephaestus/Rapture Central Control audio files.


Filename Audio Transcript
See if you can find a weapon nearby. Trust me, you'll be needing it.

An alternate version of Atlas' instruction to find a weapon, with no Half-Life reference or plot-relevant phrase.

Filename Audio Transcript
That'll turn a bolt or crack a skull. Not much else to do down here anymore. Jesus wept.

Probably intended to be played after the player picks up the wrench.

Filename Audio Transcript
The lady with the hooks and that fly machine must seem right out of some fairy tale. You'll get used to things like that down here soon enough.

From the filename, probably intended to be played after the player enters the atrium with the Gatherer's Garden machine.

Filename Audio Transcript
That contraption there doles out Plasmids.

Presumably intended for when the player ascends the stairs to the first Gatherer's Garden machine.

Filename Audio Transcript
Imagine if you could be smarter, stronger, healthier? What if you could even have amazing powers, light fires with your mind? That's what Plasmids do for a man.

Unclear where this would be used, but would fit either before or shortly after the player gets Electro Bolt.

Filename Audio Transcript
Use your Electro Bolt on those turrets.

Alternate, less characterful version of Atlas' advice on dealing with turrets.

Filename Audio Transcript
You're gonna have to hack this thing if you ever want to see the inside of that medical pavilion.

Presumably this refers to the broken security bot blocking the doors.

Filename Audio Transcript
Christ, who do you think you are, Annie Oakley? I'm send you a couple of more rounds through the pnemuo tube.

While the player can run out of EVE when they have to shock the door switch and have Atlas send them more, there is never a time where the player is required to use a ranged weapon and so no need for Atlas to send the player any more ammunition.

Filename Audio Transcript
Everything alright there? Sounds like the whole world's coming apart!
That sounded like trouble. You still in one piece, boyo?
That didn't sound good. Everything okay down there?
That poor thing's seen better days.
I've sent you a care package with some supplies. You can pick it up at the nearest pneumo.
You keep your eyes peeled now.
That door just needs some juice and she'll open right up. Hit her with the Electro Bolt!
Now go on son, hit the door with the Electro Bolt! You wanna live down here?!
Sounds like nasty things are stirring. You keep a watch out, now.

Judging by the filenames and the fact that they are stored in the streams_99_audio file with level-independent audio like the PA announcements and Tenenbaum's radio messages when she sends you a gift, these lines are presumably remnants of an earlier plan to have Atlas comment on much more of the player's actions than he does in the final, where he has no generic comments at all.


Filename Audio Transcript
Whoops, it's not looking too good for you there. You're almost out of stuff. Sorry about that, but I can't have you running around here with a full tank. If it's any consolation, I don't bother icing people who I don't consider a threat.

Placeholder text-to-speech version of an unused Fontaine radio message intended to be played in Artemis Heights or Apollo Square. A voice acted version is absent from the files and presumably was never recorded.

Pablo Navarro

Filename Audio Transcript
Alright, so Phil, I tracked the problem that was blocking the tubes here, and you'll never believe where I ended up... the damn Farmer's Market, clear on the other side of Rapture. I fixed it right up and installed some new gaskets... they keep their shit in terrible shape over here. Anyway, the code is 0512, if you ever need to get back in there to do maintenance.

Alternate version of Pablo Navarro's diary "Market Maintenance Code", using a different voice actor. The rest of Pablo's audio diaries have the file name prefix "vo_l_5_pu_", so it is possible that this was not originally intended to be from Pablo.

Peach Wilkins

Filename Audio Transcript
Now, now, I bet when your boss waggled out of Hell, he done told the Devil he'd be right back, and the Devil said "Sure thing, Mr. Fontaine. I'll hold you a spot." Ryan promised Fontaine was dust, and now here you are, doing his dirty. I guess that make Ryan a bum and you a -

Alternate take of Peach's dialogue before attacking the player.

Sander Cohen

Filename Audio Transcript
You'll likely find Finnegan at the smoke shop. I discovered him in Marseilles in 1937. He admired my painting, I admired his ... carriage. Kill him any way you fancy, but I'd prefer it if you could involve burning, in some fashion.

Alternate version of Cohen's instructions to find Finnegan. Finnegan is located in a frozen tunnel in the final game, not a tobacco store.

Filename Audio Transcript
Absolutely not, I forbid it! Bodies are beautiful, even in death.

Presumably used if the player used Incinerate on the corpse of one of Cohen's followers. In the final game Cohen has no such compunctions and indeed encourages burning Finnegan.

Filename Audio Transcript
Oh. That was quicker than I'd hoped.

Placeholder text-to-speech version of one of Cohen's lines after killing the player.

Yi Suchong

Filename Audio Transcript
Clinical Trial - Mental Control Plasmid, Lot 255. Dr. Suchong, Client Fontaine Futuristics. Put your hand in the flame, boy.
Put your hand in the flame, boy.
Put your hand in the flame, would you kindly?

An alternate version of Yi Suchong's "Mind Control Test" audio diary, where Jack is merely forced into burning his hand instead of killing his puppy. Judging by the filenames, Jack was originally supposed to have dialogue, but the files are not present in the final game.

Opening Cutscene Dialogue

Filename Audio Transcript
Flight Attendant: Excuse me sir, excuse me… Excuse me sir, your tray table? Would you kindly-

Captain: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Cal Franklin, it seems we have a bit of a problem.

Pilot: We're losing altitude really fast. Looks like oversped number one and three; there's smoke coming out of the panel, and- I got it! Pull up! Pull up! I got it! Pull up!

Captain: ...on a two-day layover in Tampa. And the wife was madder than...ohh, uh looks like we've got a...
Captain: I got it! Pull up! Pull up! I got it! Pull up!!! Ohhhh!
Captain: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Cal Franklin, it seems we have a bit of a problem up here. Please remain seated and we'll have this situation under control in no time flat.
Captain: North Atlantic Center GALTANIA 430: this is HOGATIA 420 at flight level two niner zero approximately 330 miles southeast Greenland, we've got a bit of a situation here.
Flight Attendant: Excuse me sir, your tray table? Would you kindly put it in the locked and stowed position?

Unused dialogue from the opening cutscene of the game, indicating it was originally much longer. The flight attendant can still be heard (with different lines) in the final game, while Captain Franklin and the unnamed pilot were entirely cut.

Licensed Songs

The songs Wild Ride by The Faux Frenchmen, Just Walking In The Rain by Johnnie Ray, and World Weary by Noël Coward (specifically the live version on the album Noël Coward at Las Vegas) appear in their entirety in the .fsb file streams_music_common_audio along with the other licensed songs used in the game, but do not appear in the game itself.