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Black Mesa/Unused Dialogue/Chapter-specific Lines

From The Cutting Room Floor
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This is a sub-page of Black Mesa/Unused Dialogue.

Anomalous Materials

Checkpoint guard

Audio Transcript
All right, you know the drill. Give me one second.

Front desk guard

Audio Transcript
Aw, come on! You don't want me to write you up now, do ya?

Lobby side office

The scientist found in this office has a few male voice lines attributed to her (prefixed with her name, sci04).

Audio Transcript Notes
Please, I'm trying to concentrate.
I'm trying to concentrate.
This is absurd! Male voice lines.
After today, I'm sending my resume to CERN.
How on Earth do they expect us to get any work done under these conditions?
I see you're still up to your usual tricks, Gordon.

Break room

Audio Transcript Notes
I trust this morning finds you well. Alternate takes of used lines.
Hope you're in top form this morning, Gordon.
After today's experiment, we'll be on the front page tomorrow.
Yeah, I can't condone this kind of reckless behavio--
[Laughs] Aw, who am I kidding?
[Chuckles] Nearly identical to the final line, except this one is split between two files.
You think you can fix the vending machine too, college boy?

Research wing

Most of these lines are reactions to Gordon switching the lights off, a gag from Half-Life that never made it into Black Mesa.

Audio Transcript
Hmph! I won't give you the satisfaction.
[Sighs] Lord, what are you doing?
My God, what are you doing?
Wasn't that theorem scribbled in the bathroom stall?
Just ignore him, Dr. Teunissen.
I've told you, don't indulge him.

Development wing

Audio Transcript Notes
You and your sugarcoated ersatz are absolutely full of it! Alternate take of a used line.
Have they called anybody to fix the vending machines yet?

"Always Laughing at Something" scientists

A lively conversation between three scientists which was cut to "move the player along".

Audio Transcript
It's days like today that remind me why I chose this career.
My grandfather always said that the physicist is the atom's way of thinking about atoms.
Of course! Quantum mechanics are the dreams stuff is made of!
Oh Dr. Wilson, you'll bury us all!
Ready for the decathalon?
Hope you brought your "A-game", as the kids say.
Oh, you're so hip and with it!
Best brush up on your Swedish.
Hmm? Why's that?
For our acceptance speech in Oslo, of course!
Now that's rich. Ha!
Feel free to speak up at any time, Freeman.
Freeman is a man of facta, non verba.
Heh. You've got his number on that one.

Ion chamber

Intended for the two scientists encountered just before the test chamber control room.

Audio Transcript
The ion cyclotron was picking up some strange readings during its test run.
We'll tend to that on the morrow. Go stabilize the dinode particle multiplier.

Test chamber control room

Interaction lines for after the control room scene, plus a nagging line from Kleiner.

Audio Transcript
You can get a much better look at the Anti-Mass Spectrometer from INSIDE the test chamber, Dr. Freeman.
We've come a long way from our theorems and computer models back at MIT, eh Gordon?
I've never seen anything quite like this particular specimen.
Step through the threshold, Dr. Freeman.

Plasma hall

Several extra lines for Eli Vance.

Audio Transcript Notes
Izzy, it's about to go critical! The finalized line omits "Izzy" from the beginning.
Quickly, grab this!
Oh, just having some difficulties with these machines.
Damn capacitors have almost had it again.
Oh brother.
It was never meant to do this in the first place. Alternate take of a used line.

Unforseen Consequences

Eli Vance

Audio Transcript
Well... be seeing you, Gordon.

Development hall guard

Dialogue for the guard who can accompany Gordon through the second map.

Audio Transcript Notes
Holy shit!
All right, stick close. These things are popping up all over the place.
Aw, what the... [Gags]
Aw... aw, gross!
These things are... trying to eat people's heads?
The hell are these things, man?
These things are grabbing onto people's heads and all sorts of shit!
You ready? Intended for if the player waited for a while in the locker room.
Come in, anybody! Alternate take of a used line.
Well, start crawlin'! The guard urging the player to move along after reaching the lobby.
Go on, get going!

Tram station guard

The guard found hanging off the destroyed tram catwalk has lines for struggling and calling out for help. While they are set up for him to speak, he never does so due to a scripting oversight.

Audio Transcript
Can anybody hear me?
Somebody help!

Office Complex

Storage guard

Audio Transcript
Eat lead, you bastard!
Hey, uh, you don't mind if I tag along, do you?
It's not exactly like I got company anymore.
Uh, hold up a sec.
Shit, that was quick.

"You First" guard

Audio Transcript
Oh shit!

Scientist turret remarks

A male scientist gives advice on how to bypass a ceiling turret. By the time you gain a male scientist follower in this chapter, there are no more turrets to confront.

Audio Transcript
That turret will tear us all to shreds!
If you can find the maintenance access hatch,
perhaps you will be able to deactivate it.

"We Can Still Climb" guard

Audio Transcript

We've Got Hostiles!

"Don't shoot!" scene

Audio Transcript Notes
Don't shoot! We're with the Science Team! Female variant of a used line.
Cease fire!

Blast Pit

Tentacle victim

An uncut version of the Tentacle's first victim struggling to get away. The finalized take of this line omits the first second.

Audio Transcript

Leeroy Jenkins

An alternate line of dialogue exists for this aptly named guard who rushes the Tentacles in Silo D.

Audio Transcript
Eat this, you bastard!

Jenkins' partner

The existence of these lines suggests Jenkins was originally positioned next to Silo D's cache of explosives (like in Half-Life), where his unnamed partner could watch him as he rushed at the Tentacles. It's worth noting, however, that he can still mourn Jenkins in his idle dialogue despite not actually seeing him die, which could be an orphaned reference to this concept.

Audio Transcript
No, no, Jenkins! Wait!
Oh, Jesus!
Poor Jenkins.


Originally, Smithers was found hiding on top of the generator itself like his Half-Life counterpart, and would react accordingly to the generator turning on.

Audio Transcript
Oh dear!

Surface Tension

"Treefrog" radio exchange

A radio conversation between a HECU sniper and another soldier. While this scene remains unused, the radio that would play it can still be found just before encountering the two snipers in the "uncut" section of the chapter.

Audio Transcript
This is Treefrog Three. I have eyes on Freeman, I am engaging.
Treefrog Three, this is Oscar Two-Papa, I read you. Are you sure it's Freeman?
He looks like an orange ice pop, sir.
...Understood. If you have the shot, take it.

Hangar guard

Audio Transcript Notes
It’s a good thing we ran into each other, you know? These lines, prefixed with grd03 instead of grd_hangar, were for the first iteration of the hangar guard, before his section was cut from the initial mod release due to development constraints.
You couldn’t get into the Lambda Bunker without the proper access codes.
Heh, now I just hope those Lambda boys were smart enough to bring some beer.
Ain't that right, buddy?
Oh shit!
What do you say, pal? Care to get the drop on 'em? Alternate dialogue for the hangar guard in which he suggests killing the soldiers who are in their way, instead of sneaking past them like in the final game.
They look distracted enough.
Just might be able to pull it off.
[Exhales] Okay...
And off to Lambda we go.

Unrecorded lines

Originally this guard would be allowed to follow the player into the next map, reacting to the graveyard of soldiers along the way. This was cut in favor of killing him before the map transition because the developers couldn't figure out what to do with him for the subsequent Gargantua chase. No lines exist for these in the files, only soundscript entries:

  • st.grd04.accesscodes01
  • st.grd04.accesscodes02
  • st.grd04.lambdabeer01
  • st.grd04.lambdabeer02
  • st.grd04.lambdabeer03
  • st.grd04.ifak_holyshit01
  • st.grd04.ifak_holyshit02
  • st.grd04.ifak_holyshit03
  • st.grd04.ifak_hatetoadmit01
  • st.grd04.ifak_hatetoadmit02
  • st.grd04.ifak_hatetoadmit03
  • st.grd04.ifak_hatetoadmit04
  • st.grd04.ifak_waitup01
  • st.grd04.ifak_waitup02
  • st.grd04.ifak_radioreact01
  • st.grd04.ifak_radioreact02

"Forget about Freeman!"

Parking garage guard

Audio Transcript Notes
Oh come on, you good for nothing...
Aw, come on...
Come on!
'Cause, you're gonna need it. Alternate take of a used line.

Lambda Core

Teleportation Lab guard

Audio Transcript
I knew I should've just taken my chances with those jarheads.


Audio Transcript Notes
[Blows smoke] Hunter may have been envisioned to be a smoker (heh), judging from the caption and file name for this line.
Don't worry, doc! These lines suggest Hunter would be able to follow Gordon into the teleporter room, similar to his Half-Life counterpart, and fight alongside him.
I got you covered!
I'll keep some of these guys off of you!
All right, you sons of bitches!

Teleporter scientist

The scientist operating the Supply Depot teleporter has lines for when he's under attack. Unlike in Half-Life, though, the teleporter's control booth is covered in unbreakable glass, so he can't take damage.

Audio Transcript Notes
My God, we've got a breach! Alternate take of a used line.
I can't afford to start over, Gordon!
Freeman, help!
Hold off these beasts, Gordon! The same dialogue but under two different files.
Hold off these beasts, Gordon!
Gordon, protect me!
I can't- I can't hold it any longer, Freeman!
Gordon! I can't hold these beasts off any longer!
Help! Freeman! HELP!
Freeman! Save me!


Audio Transcript
You are man... he is not man. For you he waits... for you...


Audio Transcript Notes
The truth... you can never know the truth... Intended to be spoken by Nihilanth during the first phase of his boss battle.