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Black Mesa/Unused Dialogue/NPC Lines

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This is a sub-page of Black Mesa/Unused Dialogue.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Security Guards

Greeting the Player

These lines are implemented but cannot normally be heard since every guard in the game has a scripted scene to play out when first encountered.


Audio Transcript
Ah, Gordon.
Yo, Gordon!
How are you Freeman?
Hey, Freeman.
Hey, Gordon.
Gordo, what's up man?
How's it going, Freeman?
Hi Gordon.
Hi Gordo.
Hey doc.
Hiya Gordon.
Oh, hello sir.
Hey doc.
What's up, doc?
Hey, Mister Freeman.
Mister Freeman.


Audio Transcript Notes
You know how to use that thing?
You seen any other survivors?
It's about time!
Just the kind of help I was looking for!
Is that thing loaded?
You're damn lucky you're not one of those things. I was about to put a slug right in between your eyes!
Oh thank God! Something with two arms and two legs!
Don't take this the wrong way buddy, but you're the best thing I've seen all day. A separate copy of this line is spoken by Jackson, the first recruitable guard encountered in Surface Tension.

Giving Ammo

Lines for providing ammo to the player, an ability of Citizens in Half-Life 2 which was not carried over to this game.

Audio Transcript
Here, take a clip!
You running low on ammo?
Take some of my ammo!
Here! Put this to good use.
Here, take some ammo!

Picking Up a Weapon

Lines for picking up a new weapon, another Citizen ability not carried over from Half-Life 2.

Audio Transcript
Let's even the odds a little.
Never shot one of these before.
Now this... this is a gun!
Aw sweet!
Where the hell is the safety on this thing?
You never can have too much firepower, right buddy?
Oh baby!
I finally... feel complete.
My prayers have been answered.
It's about damn time.
Aw, frickin' finally!
Took you long enough.
Aw, you shouldn't have.
For me? Too kind.
Thanks buddy. I owe you one.
I always wanted one of these.
That's right, baby. Come to papa!
Man, these guys always get the cool stuff.
Something tells me we're gonna get along just fine.
Just like grandma used to have.
Oh boy. Look what I found!
It's a thing of beauty, I tell you.
I think it's time to upgrade.
Now this will do quite nicely.
This'll do nicely.
I think I'm in love.
All right!
Hey, all right!
Hot damn!

Enemy Dead

Guard killed an enemy:

Audio Transcript Notes
Man, the Army will accept anyone nowadays. Previously implemented in the mod release as a generic line, instead of specifically for the HECU soldiers.

Player killed an enemy:

Audio Transcript

Get the hell out!

Based on the Citizens' dialogue for spotting a Strider.

Audio Transcript
Get the hell out!
Let's get the hell out of here!
Get your ass in gear!
We gotta go, now!
Get the hell outta here!

Mourning the Player

A set of questions and answers that would be spoken when the player dies.


Audio Transcript
You still think we got a chance in this?
Well shit.
Did anyone catch his last words?
[Whistle] Hey doc! Wake up. Wake up!
Well... well can't you do something to help him?
Hey, snap out of it buddy! Hey!
Everything happened so fast...
I told him to duck!
That's what you get, hot shot.
Well that's just a damn shame, ain't it?
This isn't anything like it looks on TV.
Come on, don't quit on me now, doc!
Uh... is he dead?
Okay, you prepared yourself for this. Be strong. Don't cry!
Whoa! Did I miss something?
Yeah, wow. I bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?
Fall back, fall back!
Oh, that's just perfect.
Please tell me you're not gonna save him for food.
I thought you Ph.D guys were smart.
I think you guys really need to get your priorities straight.
Is he supposed to twitch like that?
What a way to go out.


Audio Transcript
I really didn't get to know him all that well. He seemed all right though.
Get your head back in the game, buddy!
Well, we are shit out of luck on this one.
Well, I always wanted to try on one of those suits.
This is not doing much for team morale.
This mission is officially FUBAR.
I thought he was like a robot or something!
I think I know another way out.
Any more bright ideas?
Did I miss something?
Aw shit. All right, somebody grab his crowbar.
How much you thinking that suit would go for?
Well I can tell you one thing: I ain't ending up like that.
I'm pretty sure this isn't part of the plan.
Uh... retreat?
Was that like sacrificing himself for the greater good or... committing suicide?
Up the shit creek with no paddle. Story of my life.
I feel like I just got sucker punched.
Uh... time to retreat?
Uh... what was his name again?

Enemy Remarks

Dialogue for spotting enemies, or commenting after killing them.


Audio Transcript
Heh, target practice.
Well aren't you the cutest thing?
These things are popping up all over the place!
The whole damn thing's a head!


Audio Transcript
[Whistles] Here boy!
Bad dog!
Ha, play dead.

Soldiers (these lines only exist as captions):

Soundscript entry Caption
NPC_Security.marine_dead_nocombat01 I used to look up to these guys.
NPC_Security.marine_dead_nocombat02 They were supposed to be on OUR side.
NPC_Security.marine_dead_nocombat03 Man, these guys are not kidding around.
NPC_Security.marine_dead_nocombat04 I don't how I'm still breathing, but I'll take it.

Player Injured

Intended to be spoken if the player's health is below 25 HP. While these lines are implemented, the game's response system doesn't track the player's health, preventing the criteria for the response from passing.

Audio Transcript
Uh, sir, that injury may need some attention soon.
I'll bet that stings a bit.
Sir, I hate to say it but... yeah, you're in bad shape.
You're gonna feel that tomorrow.
Jesus. Does that hurt as much as it looks?
Uh... h-how you holding up sir?
We better get that thing looked at, ASAP.
Ew... damn, are you all right?
It's cool. Chicks dig scars.
I'd hate to see the other guy.
Walk it off, buddy. Walk it off.
Damn, doc. You don't look too good.
You sure you don't need to sit down?
I guarantee you will not be happy when that morphine runs out.
Oh, you look okay. You can barely tell anything's missing.
You're looking like 40 miles of rugged road.
You know, for a doctor, you're one tough son of a bitch.
Ah, put some 'tussin on it.

Injured Moaning

Two lines of this type are used if a guard is wounded, while these four remain unused.

Audio Transcript

Ally Killed

Reactions to a friendly NPC dying.

Audio Transcript
No! NO!
Oh no!
Oh no!
Oh no!
Oh no!
Oh no!

Affirmative Responses

These lines were intended for the recruitment response but not implemented, likely as they were too vague to get the idea across.

Header text Header text
All right!
Right on.
Yeah, sure.
Yeah. Right.
You got it, doc.
You got it, bud.

Over Here/Over There

Originally used by Citizens when leading the player and calling out distant threats, respectively.

Audio Transcript
Hey, over here!
Over here!
Hey, over there!
Over there!

Squad Behavior

Lines for Half-Life 2 squad behavior.

Greeting the player:

Audio Transcript
Need a hand?
Huh, didn't think you'd make it.
Nice to see someone else made it.
Got any good news?
Audio Transcript
Didn't think we'd find any more survivors.

Following the player:

Audio Transcript
Let's roll!
Yes sir.
Right on, chief.

Being commanded:

Audio Transcript
Roger that.
On it.
Right away, sir.
You got it, chief.
I sure hope you know what you're doing.
No problem, doc.
Audio Transcript
All right, move out!
All right, let's get moving!
Come on!
Audio Transcript
Let's get cracking.
Let's get this over with.
Let's get this over with.
Move out, team!
Move, move, move!
Go, go, go!


Audio Transcript
Holy hell!
Holy hell!
Oh, Jesus!
Oh, shit!


Additional idle responses outside of the normal question/answer set, mostly quoted verbatim from the Half-Life security guards.

Audio Transcript Notes
I'll be happy to survive this with all my parts.
Yep, all that target range time is going to pay off today.
I smell an ambush. We better be careful.
This area just doesn't feel right.
I've got a bad feeling about this.
Now I wonder if those boys could've made a bigger mess.
I don't know if we should go any further.
Aim for the head, if you can find it.
Hey, I hear something.
I don't know what good we can do here.
Man, that sounded bad.
I would really like a cold one right about now.
On the upside, things really couldn't get any worse. "Ad-libbed" set of lines not based on Half-Life dialogue.
What a nightmare.
It's quiet. A little... too quiet. [Laughs] I always wanted to say that!
Oh yeah, I'm asking for a raise.
I don't know about you, but I'm actually starting to enjoy myself.
I'd be lying if I said I'd never dreamed of this as a kid.


Originally used by Citizens reacting to live grenades and mines.

Audio Transcript
Oh, shit!

Scientists (Male)

Greeting the Player

These lines are implemented for use by scientists encountered post-disaster, however they cannot normally be heard since every post-disaster scientist has a scene to play out beforehand.

Audio Transcript
Freeman, and it's about time!
Freeman! Who would've thought you'd still be alive?
Thank God! I thought you were one of them!
Thank God! I thought you were one of those... things!
Ah, a fellow scientist!
Freeman! Well, I never!


Part of the Citizens' response for picking up a new weapon, likely meant to be repurposed for another type of response.

Audio Transcript
At last.
At last!

Post-Disaster Idle

Audio Transcript Notes
Let's get moving before another one of those... things finds us! Unused variant of a used line.

Friendly Fire

Unused variants of lines spoken when attacked by the player.

Audio Transcript
Are you insane? Stop attacking immediately!
Are you mad?
My God, what are you doing?
What are you doing? My God!


Additional lines for witnessing the player kill a friendly NPC.

Audio Transcript
Good God!
Good God.
Oh my God.
Good heavens!
You're a cold man.
You're a cold man!
Violence solves nothing!

Mourning the Player

Like the guards, the scientists have unused lines for when the player dies.


Audio Transcript
Would anybody like to volunteer for CPR?
Is this when we panic?
Do we have a plan B?
Well now what?
We may very well be, how do you say... ah yes, "screwed".
I have a feeling that that may drastically affect the outcome of all this.
That certainly is a spanner in the works now isn't it?
Not even his boyissh good looks can save him now.
Is he still breathing?
Would anybody like to say something... you know, for posterity sake?
I'm feeling a tad bit overwhelmed.
Does anyone here know how to properly use a firearm?
I knew we were putting too much faith in him.
And who will lead in his stead?
Was that talking, or gurgling?
Well, uh, does anybody else know the way out of here?
Did I miss something?
How many fingers am I holding up? Hello?
Such a tragedy.
I could have told you that was a bad idea.
Did he say something, or was that my stomach?


Audio Transcript
It's a pity we can't give him a more fitting burial.
I don't think we've developed a cure for THAT yet.
Now that's a damn shame. Really.
Shit. Oops, pardon my French.
Oh, dear!
He has gone to meet his maker.
Okay, okay. Everyone remain calm.
You know, I could probably squeeze into that suit.
And things were going so well.
We're done for.
Is he supposed to twitch like that?
I may vomit...
Think he would mind if I took that crowbar?
Damn, damn, double damn!
Damn it all!
Oh, the folly of it!
Did you hear that? He said I'm in charge now.
Was that part of the plan?
Bloody hell!
I'm not putting my lips on that.
Applaud my friends, for the comedy is over.
Applaud my friends, for the comedy is over.


Audio Transcript
I'm glad I'm a pantheist.


The scientist warns the player of incoming danger.

Audio Transcript
Look out, Freeman!
Look out, Freeman!
Look out, Gordon!
Look out!

Ally Killed

Reactions to a friendly NPC dying.

Audio Transcript
Oh no!
Oh no!
Oh God no!
Oh God no!
Oh God no!

Over Here/Over There

Originally used by Citizens when leading the player and calling out distant threats, respectively.

Audio Transcript
Hey, over here!
Over here!
Hey, over there!
Over there!


These ten pain lines out of 20 total remain unused.


Idle Questions

Due to typos in the scientist's response script, these two lines are omitted from the "question" response.

Audio Transcript
Have you been able to get the beverage machine to work yet?
The alien species can't possibly all be hostile, can they?

Run for your life!

Based on a line of dialogue heard multiple times in Half-Life 2.

Audio Transcript
Run for your life!
My God, run for your life!
Run, you fool!
Fly, you fools!
Run as fast as your legs can carry you!
Run! Run for your life!


Lines for when the scientist starts following the player.

Audio Transcript
I'll stay out of the way, promise.
Hope I'm not too much of a bother.
Take me with you!


Originally spoken by Citizens reacting to live grenades and mines.

Audio Transcript
Oh, fiddlesticks!
Oh, dear!

Up there!

Part of the response to spotting a Barnacle.

Audio Transcript
Up there!


Lines for being pushed aside by the player.

Audio Transcript
Oh, crap!
Oh, crap!
Oh, sorry.
Ooh! Sorry!

Kill Congratulations

Extra lines for acknowledging player kills.

Audio Transcript
Well played, sir. Well played.
Good show!
I'm not one for violence, but that was quite impressive!

Scientists (Female)

Greeting the Player

Similar to their male counterparts, these lines are implemented for use by female scientists post-disaster, but are never heard since they all speak scripted dialogue when first encountered.

Audio Transcript
Oh thank God! I thought you were one of them!
Thank God! I thought you were one of those... things!
Freeman! Well, I never!

Idle Answers

Audio Transcript
Of course not.
I'll look into that.


Lines for being interacted with under pre-disaster circumstances.

Audio Transcript
Can't you see I'm busy?
I've got this under control, Gordon.

Reload Reminder

Female scientists have existing lines for this infamous reminder, but they are not set up to be used in-game.

Audio Transcript
Uh, perhaps you should ready more bullets?
You do have more ammunition, correct?
Don't forget to reload.
You had better reload.
It may be in your best interest to reload.
Quick suggestion: reload.
Uh, maybe you should reload... maybe?

Here they come!

Unused response group for spotting incoming enemies.

Audio Transcript
Here they come!
Here they come!
Watch out, they're approaching!
There! I've spotted them!
Freeman, they're coming!
They're coming!

Hit in Gut

Audio Transcript
Oh dear, I think that last one caught me in the stomach!

Friendly Fire

Audio Transcript
We trusted you!
We looked to you as our savior!


Audio Transcript
Heavens to Betsy!

Post-Disaster Idle

Lines for waiting in place while following the player.

Audio Transcript
Are we waiting for somebody?
What are you waiting for?

HECU Soldiers

To do:
Test if Post-Combat and Medic dialogue is used at all - last I checked, their responses were broken.

Various lines for the HECU only exist as caption entries, some of which simply contain the text "entry not available", and will be noted as such.



Audio/Entry Name Transcript
NPC_hgrunt.alert09 (entry not available)
NPC_hgrunt.alert12 (entry not available)
NPC_hgrunt.alert15 ALERT!!!


Audio/Entry Name Transcript
NPC_hgrunt.monster10 (entry not available)
Shit, look out!
Shit, look out!
Look out!
Look out!
We've got uglies!
We've got uglies!
Incoming X-Rays!
Uglies! Incoming!


Audio Transcript
Goin' in!
Goin' in!
Goin' in!
Take him!
Take him!
Take him!
Drop him!
Drop him!
Push forward!
Push forward!
Push in!
Push in!


Audio/Entry Name Transcript
NPC_hgrunt.clear03 Threats neutralized.
NPC_hgrunt.clear11 No targets sighted.


Entry Name Transcript