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Blob the Cop

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Title Screen

Blob the Cop

Developer: Players Software
Publisher: Sinclair User
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Released in EU: 1989

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

A magazine coverdisk game. Did you expect something else?

Developer Message

Andrew Severn hid a a long message within the game's code, talking about the game's development. The .tap dump of the game has this message at offset 2002:

This is a hidden message that isn't displayed in the game 
If you are reading this then you are obviously hacking the code apart. 
God knows why though... Oh if you are either Ian or Stingray then HI! 
(Thought Id find you two noseing about in here!  Theres a bit of a 
story attached to this little gamette...  Ages ago when I got my lovely 
PDS (Programmers Development System) I started writing this just to see 
what it could do. In a couple of days this monstrosity had been born, 
under the working title of PLURPS!

I stuffed it away in a dark little corner of my hard disk for a while and 
little morewas ever seen of it. It didnt have a name or a plot. But at the 
show we decided to offer it to the mags, they all said they had loads of 
stuff so didnt want it.

Then suddenly out of the blue SU phoned and said they were interested so I 
then HAD to finish it. After many long lunchtimes thought, I came up with 
the name BLOBOCOP, intending the name to be a parody of OCEANS ROBOCOP. I 
had never actually seen the game and have been told that this bears quite 
a resembelance to ROBOCOP. Well, we send the completed master off to SU 
who saw fit to loose it. The replacement met the same horrible fate.

THEN on the 23rd of December, having just got back from Southamton to 
collect JABBAs new D50 synth (What a poser huh) I made a spectacular entrance 
to the pre xmas doo drinkies to the shouts of 'youre in deep trub...'
'OCEAN are going to SUE...'  etc etc...

After a severe tongue lashing I was asked to interrupt my xmas break and make 
the grueling journey from Cheshire to Hampshire on the 28Th 'just to fix the 
bits' Well, bang go my heavy boozing sessions!! Ah well it makes a nice rest 
from being jumped on day and night by thousands of delinquent second 
generation cousens!! Ah well, ya can always dream...

Hope you have all had a smashing Xmas and a GREAT new year.
I'm back off to Cheshire in a few hours to re-join the merriment!!! 
See ya all....
            Andy (&e7)

(Source: Equinox)