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Blood Money (Atari ST)

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Title Screen

Blood Money

Developer: DMA Design
Publisher: Psygnosis
Platform: Atari ST
Released internationally: January 6, 1989

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Blood Money is the game where I think the unanswered question is "where is the money?"

Developer Messages

The game's coder, Wayne Smithson, left several messages in the first handful of sectors on Disk 1 for the game, including the boot sector. The hex addresses listed below apply to the .stx dump of the original 1989 release.


This is Wayne (of WJS Design)


Bet you're wondering how much more there is? Well there's LOADS pal, LOADS 'n' LOADS!


I had a bucket o trouble trying to get this sector to work, (My decode routine pooed on me)!


Welcome to the WJS load code. If you crack this program could you let me know how? 
Details to Wayne Smithson, WJS Design, 24 Coal Hill Green, Leeds 13, England. 
One more thing, hacking is a challenge, I used to do it, but please don't pirate this software.


Wayne's Likes:Viz comic, Dangermouse, Count Duckula, Tom & Jerry, draught cider, Lotus Esprit Turbo SE (ie I'd like one)... 
Wayne's Nolikes: Hyped-up crap games & demo writers who think they know it all.




Q: How many coppers does it take to smash a lightbulb?
A: None, it fell down the stairs by itself!


I'm getting bored of doing all these sectors you know.... 
BOG OFF RATFACE!!! (he, he)


Mary had a little lamb, she threw it in the sky, 
it landed in a butchers shop and now its in a pie.....! 
(I thang-you-very-much-an-gunite).


 This is Wayne (of WJS Design) speaking. I just wanted to use up a sector 
 to say hi to some of my friends and associates so here goes... 

 First off, Hello Dave Jones and Russell (DMA), Ian 'Everinton, John White, 
 Jonathan, Angela, Roy etc (Psygnosis). 

 A bit iffy this but Hi to the guys at LSD- 
 try and go straight eh? 

 Hi to admired programmers: 
 Jez San (wasn't the ADAB conf. fun), John Phillips, Realtime and Paul Woakes. 

 Also Hi to Richard, Paul, Andrew, Scott, Lyndon, Phil, etc at the 16 bit club in Leeds.


This is a journey, into code..... lots, of code....! I'm bored, how about you?

(Source: Divingkataetheweirdo)