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Bloons TD 6/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Bloons TD 6.

Monkey Academy

A full set of text for an unreleased tower called the Monkey Academy. This is a brand-new tower, albeit possibly based on a building of the same name in Bloons Monkey City. Based on the categories of its unused Monkey Knowledge, the Monkey Academy is meant to be a support-class tower.

Tier Name Description
Base Monkey Academy Place of Monkey education and training. Grants powerful benefits for Military, Magic and Hero Monkeys. Generates a small amount of Hero XP every round.
Path 1
1 Military Efficiency Decreases footprint of Military Monkeys in the radius.
2 Wider Influence Gives Academy a larger influence radius.
3 M.A.S.H Monkey Army Surgical Hospital gives extra lives for Bloons popped.
4 Military Barracks Military Monkeys in radius get longer range, more pops and can be sold at a favorable rate.
5 Military HQ Military Monkeys everywhere gain huge range, pops and damage buffs.
Path 2
1 Magic Sciences Magic Monkeys in the radius get extra pierce and attack speed.
2 Academic Network Increases Academy radius for all Academies with this upgrade.
3 Wizards Library Wizards, Druids and Alchemists in the radius can learn up to tier 2 in all three upgrade paths.
4 Magic Arcanum Academy Graduate ability: Creates a powerful Monkey whose abilities are based on what Magic Monkeys are nearby.
5 Nexus Crucible Academy Graduates created by ability are permanent!
Path 3
1 Private Tuition Generates more XP per round for your Hero.
2 Heroic Presence Heroes get 15% increased range while in the radius of the Academy.
3 Heroic Academy Your Hero's ability cooldowns are reduced.
4 Power Hero Development (PhD) Generates lots of extra XP per round for your Hero.
5 Dynamic Duo Allows you to get a second hero!

Monkey Knowledge

Icon Name Description Notes
Ambidextrous 'Rangs Knowledge and training allows the Boomerang Monkey to Switch Hands as a targeting option and optimize boomerang attacks. This Monkey Knowledge upgrade was added in version 17.0, but it went unused until version 18.0. In version 22.0, this upgrade was made a part of the Boomerang Monkey by default, and the spot it occupied on the Monkey Knowledge tree was replaced with the new Monkey Knowledge upgrade Recurring 'Rangs, rendering the text for Ambidextrous 'Rangs unused once again. The same update also overwrote the icon for Ambidextrous 'Rangs with the icon for Recurring 'Rangs, leaving it with no icon.
BTD6-DartlingGunnerMK.png Broad Blade Dartlings Shots from Dartling Guns can hit Bloons more easily.
BTD6-DartlingGunnerMK.png Dartling Coolant Dartling Gun attack speed increase by 10%.
BTD6-DartlingGunnerMK.png More Buckshot Buckshot shoots 5 projectiles. Buckshot shoots 6 projectiles at a time in the release version of the Dartling Gunner. This Monkey Knowledge suggests that it may have shot less than 5 projectiles at a time in the upgrade's original plans.
BTD6-DartlingGunnerMK.png Focused Plasma Plasma Accelerator does damage faster.
BTD6-MonkeyAcademyMK.png Elite Tutors Generates another +15 XP per round for your Hero.
BTD6-MonkeyAcademyMK.png Long Graduation Academy Graduate lasts longer.

Additionally, a duplicate name and description for Supa-Thrive exists, although it is named SupaGroFertilizer in the code. Thrive only affects cash gained from popping Bloons, not from farming, so why the name refers to fertiliser is unknown.

Activated Abilities

Every single activated ability in the game has a name and description. Internally, these are separate from the names and descriptions of the upgrades they belong to. The text for the Heroes' abilities can be seen on the ability buttons in the Heroes menu, but the menu for the regular towers doesn't have these buttons, so the text for all the regular towers' abilities go unused.

Interestingly, some of these strings show changes made to certain abilities during development.

Name Description Notes
Super Monkey Fan Club Converts up to 10 nearby Dart Monkeys into Super Monkeys for 10 seconds. In the final game, this ability lasts for 15 seconds.
Plasma Monkey Fan Club Elite membership of this club grants the Dart Monkeys even more power!
Turbo Charge Makes this Monkey attack incredibly fast for 10 seconds.
Perma Charge Makes this Monkey deal additional damage for 15 seconds.
Assassinate MOAB Special missile flies out and does massive damage to MOAB-Class Bloons.
Eliminate MOAB Assassinate ability does 6x damage with a short cooldown.
Blade Maelstrom Covers the area in a storm of blades.
Super Maelstrom Even more powerful Maelstrom ability and lasts longer.
Snowstorm Freezes all Bloons on screen for a short time.
Absolute Zero Ability is so cold it freezes all Bloon types including cold immune and MOAB-Class.
Glue Strike Glues all Bloons on screen.
Glue Storm Glue Storm ability pelts the whole screen over 10 seconds with glue. This ability was changed to last for 15 seconds in version 4.0, but this text was not updated to accommodate the change.
Supply Drop Drops a crate full of cash.
Elite Supply Drop Supply drop gives much more cash.
Elite Defender A lost life gives this Sniper 2x attack speed for a short time in retaliation. This ability is activated automatically and isn't normally visible to the player. In the final game, this ability increases attack speed by 4x.
First Strike A devastating missile strike on the largest Bloon on screen. Destroys up to a ZOMG Bloon in one go, or many smaller Bloons.
Pre-emptive Strike Automatically triggers MOAB Assassin effect whenever MOAB-Class Bloon spawns from the Bloon entrance. This ability is activated automatically and isn't normally visible to the player.
MOAB Takedown Grapples a MOAB-Class Bloon and brings it down.
Pirate Lord Can shoot 3 grappling hooks at once, and plunder extra cash from each MOAB-Class Bloon brought down with them.
Ground Zero Drops a huge bomb that destroys most things on screen.
Tsar Bomba A very, very large bomb. Someone put a stop to this craziness!
Support Chinook Redeploy Can pick up and redeploy most Monkey types.
Support Chinook Supplies Drops lives and cash crates.
Special Poperations Deploys a powerful special Monkey Marine with machine gun.
Pop and Awe Rains explosions over the whole screen, popping and immobilizing all Bloons for a few seconds.
Rocket Storm Sends a powerful storm of rockets in all directions.
Mauler Storm Each missile does extreme damage to MOAB-Class Bloons.
Summon Phoenix Powerful phoenix wreaks Bloon havoc for 20 seconds.
Wizard Lord Phoenix Wizard Lord becomes a master of the flame, turning into a super powerful Lava Phoenix for a short time.
Prince of Darkness Reanimate even more powerful Bloon servants to obliterate the enemy. This ability is no longer used. This ability used to be named "Soulbind", but the name and description were changed in version 2.0. This is strange, as the Prince of Darkness doesn't use an ability, so why this text needed to be replaced is unknown.
Annihilation Destroys most Bloons completely and utterly within blast radius.
The Anti-Bloon <Program Directive> <Eradicate Bloons> <INITIATE>
Legend of the Night We turn to him, when all hope is lost... This ability is activated automatically and isn't normally visible to the player.
Sabotage Lasts 15 seconds. During the sabotage, all Bloons move at reduced speed.
Grand Saboteur Ability duration is longer, and MOAB-Class Bloons spawn with less health during the sabotage.
Transforming Tonic Farms nearby the Druid earn 50% more money for a short time. Strangely, this description seems to be misplaced, and appears to describe... an early version of the Druid's Jungle's Bounty ability? In the final game, Jungle's Bounty simply generates an amount of cash depending on the number of Banana Farms near the Druid.
IMF Loan Gives you $10,000 but you have to pay it back over time.
Monkey-Nomics For when you're too big to fail...
Overclock Target Monkey becomes super powered for a short time.
Spike Storm Shoots out a thick layer of spikes over the entire track.
Carpet of Spikes Sets a carpet of spikes over the whole track, every round. This ability is activated automatically and isn't normally visible to the player. This ability was changed to activate every 20 seconds instead of every round in version 4.0, but this text was not updated to accommodate the change.
Academy Graduate Creates a powerful Monkey whose abilities are based on Magic Monkeys nearby. This ability is unimplemented.
Call to Arms Gives all Monkeys DOUBLE attack speed and pops for 10 seconds. In the final game, this ability only increases attack speed and pierce by 50%.
Homeland Defense Ability affects ALL Monkeys and lasts for 15 seconds. This ability was buffed to last for 20 seconds in version 8.0, and the description for the upgrade was changed in version 9.0 to accommodate this, but this text was not.
Total Transformation This text was added in version 21.0.
Jungle's Bounty This text was added in version 21.0.
Spirit of the Forest This text was added in version 21.0.
Ultraboost This text was added in version 21.0.
Darkshift This text was added in version 21.0. There are two identical versions of this text: one for the Dark Knight's version of the ability, and the other for the Dark Champion's version of the ability.
Door Gunner This text was added in version 21.0.

Target Types

To do:
Verify the notes for all of these and fill in the unknowns

Text exists for seemingly every "target type" (targeting mode) in the game. A large number of target types are only used internally and can't be seen by the player, leaving the text for them unused.

Text Notes
Custom Path This target type is unused. According to an official blog post, Centered Path originally allowed the player to draw their own flight pattern, so this may be a remnant from before the functionality was changed. Further supporting this is that the text for the Centered Path target type is the last one in the list in version 1.3, and was not present at all in some prototype builds, suggesting that it was added late in development.
Necromancer Target Used internally for the Necromancer and Prince of Darkness' targeting.
Offset Track Unknown
Random Position Unknown
Random Target Unknown
Close Shared Range Used internally for Advanced Intel.
Expensive Friendly Target Unknown
First Shared Range Used internally for Advanced Intel.
Friendly Target Unknown
Grapplable Unknown
Target In Front Unknown
Last Shared Range Used internally for Advanced Intel.
Target MOAB Unknown
Target Opposite Unknown
Target Pointer Unknown
Strong Shared Range Used internally for Advanced Intel.
Target Tag Unknown
Track Or Default Used internally for Acid Pool.
Staggered Referred to as StaggeredMortarShot in the language files.

Odyssey Themes

Text for Odyssey mode was added to the game files in version 18.0, though the mode itself would not be released until version 19.0. In the released version, Odyssey mode works much like Daily Challenges in that each Odyssey has a custom theme and custom rules. However, there exists text for specific, hardcoded "Odyssey Themes" that go unused.

Note that "{0}" indicates text that gets replaced with other text via parameters.

Text Notes
Custom Rules
Rapid Bloons
No Return Policy
Instructions Not Included
Faster. Higher. Stronger.
Gotta Go Fast
All Camo All The Time
All Regrow All The Time
Fast Track Likely a reference to an unlockable feature in BTD5 that allows the player to skip the first few rounds.
Odyssey of the Highlander Likely a reference to a Special Mission in BTD5, known as both There Can Be Only One and Highlander, which limits the number of towers the player can use to one per tower.
Monkey Teams Likely a reference to an event in Bloons Monkey City that tasks the player with winning with a specific set of towers.
Extreme Odyssey A feature with a very similar name exists in the final game, though as a rule for existing Odysseys on Hard mode rather than the theme of the Odyssey itself.
Bloon Rush
{0} Bloon Rush Referred to as OdysseyThemeSpecificBloonRush in the language files, suggesting that this theme would boost a specific Bloon rather than all Bloons.
Mega {0} Referred to as OdysseyThemeMegaBloon in the language files.
Round Mash Up
Round Mix Up
Entry Mix Up


Depleted Bloontonium

Name Description
Depleted Bloontonium Shots can damage any Bloon type.

An early set of upgrade text for the Dartling Gunner existed at launch, though the Dartling Gunner itself would not be released until version 22.0. The released version of the Dartling Gunner is very different from what was planned at launch, with around one-third of its upgrades being significantly overhauled or outright replaced. One of these upgrades, Depleted Bloontonium, was cut so it could be merged with Hydra Rocket Pods. However, unlike Lock and Load, the other scrapped Dartling Gunner upgrade, the text for this upgrade still remains in the game's language files.


ID Name Description
12 Extreme Player Win {0} game on an Extreme map

Pause Menu Options

Text Notes
Continuous Play Probably an early name for Auto Start mode. It may have been changed due to the text being too long to fit in the pause menu panel.
Line of Sight This option existed in earlier versions, but was removed in version 11.0.
Click & Drop This option replaced Drop & Lock in the PC version in earlier versions, but was removed in version 17.0 when the PC version's controls were redone.

Mode Descriptions

Each "main" mode (Easy, Normal, and Hard) has a description that is displayed in a heading in their respective sub-mode menus. Sub-modes don't have their own headings, but a few sub-modes still have descriptions for them, which go unused.

Mode Text Notes
Impoppable On Impoppable Monkeys cost much more than normal, you start at round 6, the Bloons move faster and you have 1 life. Beating round 100 in Impoppable awards you a platinum medal for that track. Impoppable mode is a sub-mode of hard mode and doesn't have its own sub-mode menu.
Sandbox On Sandbox Monkeys cost normal, the Bloons move normal and you have unlimited lives and cash. Sandbox is a sub-mode of easy, normal, and hard mode and doesn't have its own sub-mode menu. This description seems to only apply to normal-sandbox, and there are no equivalent descriptions for easy-sandbox or hard-sandbox, so this may indicate that sandbox mode originally only had the normal mode version, like in BTD5.

Co-Op Callouts

To do:

These Co-Op callouts were introduced with the others in version 11.0, but were removed in version 13.0.

Icon Name Stat
Less is More {0} Towers Placed
Pop Pacifist {0} Bloons Popped
What MOABs? {0} MOABs Popped
No Bananas 4 U {0} Cash Generated

Co-Op Emote


An unused text-based Co-Op emote. This may have been cut in favour of the piggy bank emote.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Text Oddities

  • Several upgrades have different names in the code and in various file names, suggesting they were changed during development:
    • The Mortar Monkey's Shell Shock upgrade is named "Shockwave" in various file names and in the language files.
    • The Monkey Ace's Centered Path upgrade is named "FlightOrders" in one of its file names. This may be another remnant from when Centered Path allowed the player to draw their own flight pattern.
  • Monkey Meadow is named "Tutorial" in the language files. Despite this, the game's tutorial doesn't take place on this map at all—it takes place on Town Center!
  • CHIMPS mode is named "CLICKS" in several files. This is probably an early name, and presumably stands for something along the lines of "no Continues, Lives lost, Income, Consumables, Knowledge, or Selling", in the same vein as the final name.
  • In various file names and in the language files, the Time Stop power is named "DartTime", and the Longer Time Stop Monkey Knowledge is named "LongerDartTime". These are presumably early names, and appear to be references to "bullet time" from The Matrix.
  • The button that toggles Monkey Knowledge displays the text "Enable Monkey Knowledge", which switches to a different string when the option is toggled on. However, these strings are identical, so this change goes unseen.
  • In the language files, the first 8 Heroes are organised in a completely different order from their in-game order and their order of release:
Internal Order In-Game Order
Quincy Quincy
Striker Jones Gwendolin
Captain Churchill Striker Jones
Gwendolin Obyn Greenfoot
Benjamin Captain Churchill
Pat Fusty Benjamin
Ezili Ezili
Obyn Greenfoot Pat Fusty
(Source: Original TCRF research)