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Bloons Tower Defense 5 (iOS, Android)

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Title Screen

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Also known as: Bloons TD 5
Developers: Ninja Kiwi, Digital Goldfish
Publisher: Ninja Kiwi
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: November 15, 2012

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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<Sanky> please suggest an unused sprite with a clock or something
This game is still under active development.
Be aware that any unused content you find may become used or removed in the future. Please only add things to the article that are unlikely to ever be used, or went unused for some time. If they do get used, please remove them from the page and specify in the edit summary!
To do:
There is a unused test tower in Assets/BTD5.jet/Assets/JSON/WeaponDefinitions/TestTower/, a Test Aircraft tower in Assets/BTD5.jet/Assets/JSON/WeaponDefinitions/TestAircraft/ and a Test.json file in Assets/BTD5.jet/Assets/JSON/. Note: All of this undocumented stuff is found in the PC version of the game.

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is an enhanced port of an enhanced port of the Adobe Flash game, featuring a fresh coat of paint, four three new towers, and several new tracks and modes. This game would later serve as the framework for two other mobile-based Bloons games, Bloons TD Battles and Bloons Monkey City.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Graphics

High or Ultra Low
BloonsTDBattles Mobile debugfonthigh.png BloonsTDBattles Mobile debugfontlow.png

Two debug font files found in Assets/Fonts/High, Assets/Fonts/Ultra (PC Version Only) and Assets/Fonts/Low. These files also exist in Bloons TD Battles.


A set of buttons found in Assets/Textures/Tablet on the PC version, most likely used internally by the developers for building and testing tracks. This file also exists in BTD Battles and Bloons Monkey City.


A placeholder graphic found in Assets/Textures/Tablet on the PC version, most likely this would be used when a texture or sprite is missing. This also found in the PC version of Bloons TD Battles.

Unused Tracks

To do:
It appears that the graphics for these maps have been removed from the game at some point. Verify whether or not they still exist. Artful Dodgers still has a track folder, though it is empty. Also, add an image of the Roswell track for comparison.

Artful Dodgers



Originally, the Roswell track was named Artful Dodgers, and was themed around abstract art rather than an alien crash site. The files for it had existed for a while, but they were changed when it was officially released, most likely due to the graphics being generally distracting and making the path difficult to distinguish from the background.

(Source: Bloons Wiki)


This track was mentioned in the patch notes of an update on March 22nd, 2013, but the Workshop track was added instead, likely to promote the release of the Monkey Engineer.

(Source: Bloons Wiki)


Several tracks have different file names from their in-game names, suggesting they were changed during development.

File Name In-Game Name
grotto North Pole
hedge_maze Maze
maze Park Path
frozen_lake The Rink
stream Snake River
one_direction Phase Portals
go_with_the_flow Switch
dollar Cash Money
double_double_crossover Double Double Cross
against_the_clock Clock
canyon Death Valley
treetops Treetop
tar_pit Tar Pits
radioactive Bloontonium Lab

Premium Upgrades

It seems premium upgrades from the Adobe Flash version were originally planned to return. They have existed since launch, and they all have the same placeholder tower upgrade effect of increasing range by 15 units. The presence of them indicate that tier 4 specialty buildings were not conceptualized at the time of their creation, as many purchaseable upgrades in the final game fill the roles of the premium upgrades.

Premium Upgrades