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Blown Away

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Title Screen

Blown Away

Developers: Imagination Pilots, Green Dragon Creations (Mac)
Publishers: IVI Publishing (US), Magellan Intertainment (EU), Changeling Software (Mac)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1994
Released in EU: 1996

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Unused Configuration Settings

There are two configuration settings which are visible as strings in the EXE file. These configurations can be made in the file C:\BA\config.ini.



This option will create a log file, which will be re-created on every start of the game, and this log file will include all movies and images which were loaded. It is currently unknown whether other information (such as errors) is logged as well.



This value can be 0 or 1. Default value is 1.

Note that this setting does NOT affect the game window. The game always runs in fullscreen when running in a 640x480 screen resolution, and always plays in a window if the computer has a higher resolution. This option only configures the playback of the videos. If this option is set to 0, then all movies are non-resized. To skip a video, the area OUTSIDE the video needs to be clicked, whereas in fullscreen mode, the cursor can click anywhere to skip the video.


Looking at the EXE file, there is high evidence that the following option is possible:


However, it is unknown what happens if this option is set, as nothing seems to happen. (Note that the graphics are always loaded from the file BLOWNAWY.ART).

Unused Video Files

There are several movie files which are not used in the game. This is the complete list:

BV09M01A.AVI (In the bomb van: Daughter talking to her dad - similar to BV09M01.AVI.)
LRIPA11.AVI (In the living room: Cabinet in the living room opens. In the final version of the game, the screen just changes without animation of the cabinet door.)
TU10M30.AVI (Daughter counts from 10 to 0 while player leaves the room, then the detonator explodes.)
TUIPA06.AVI (In the tunnel: Water disappears so that the player can pass. In the final version of the game, the water disappears after the player turned the valve, but the animation is not played.)
TV04M32A.AVI (Final TV studio puzzle: 2nd wire burning, like TV04M31.AVI, but transparent without sound.)
TV04M32B.AVI (Final TV studio puzzle: 3rd wire burning, like TV04M32.AVI, but transparent without sound.)
TY06M02.AVI (Toystore/Xylophone intro as separate video file. In the final version of the game, it is appended to the movies TY06M01.AVI and TY06M01A.AVI.)

Unused Sounds

The following sound files are unused:

BV09A11.WAV (Bomb van: Key tone)
BV09A12.WAV (Bomb van: Unlock jingle)
BV09A29.WAV (Bomb van: Denied jingle)
HCAA00.WAV (Helicopter background athmosphere. Same file as HC08AA00.WAV.)
LB05A01N.WAV (Patrick tells Jimmy to hurry and warns him that the villain has setup something crazy.)
LB05A05.WAV (Sound of fuse box opening.)
LB05A06.WAV (Sound of fuse box opening.)
LB05A08.WAV (Patrick: "The pipes Jimmy, the pipes! Shut them down. Get us out of here!"; probably a hint for the mercury puzzle.)
LB05A09.WAV (Patrick: "Don't touch me. Don't come any closer."; probably it was initially planned to stay in Patrick's room before starting the mercury puzzle.)
LB05A22N.WAV (Sounds of elecricity, then Patrick saying "we're all trapped' while a siren can be heard.)
LB05A27N.WAV (Patrick: "You're getting closer. I'm to your left and behind you.")
LB05A28W.WAV (Patrick: "I'm to your left. But forget me; stop the contraption first.")
LR03A12.WAV (Living room: Sound of starting a new round of the gambling machine.)
LR03A27.WAV (Living room: Villain's hint #2 for Sam. In the final game version, the audio was inserted in the movie LRIPA21.AVI.)
LR03A29.WAV (Living room: Villain's hint #3 for Sam. In the final game version, the audio was inserted in the movie LRIPA09.AVI.)
LR03A40.WAV (Villain says "Time's up.")
NEWLEVER.WAV (Lever sound, probably to be used in the Switch Room game.)
SUCCESS.WAV (Success jingle for the slider puzzle?)
TU10A30.WAV (Crank. In the final game version, the audio was inserted in the movie TUIPA02.AVI.)
TU10A31.WAV (Water. Should be the sound for TUIPA06.AVI???)
TU10A53.WAV (Indefinable sound; the file name suggests that it is used in the tunnel.)
TY06A01B.WAV (Sam: "He's got me wired to the jack-in-the-box. Everything is hot and about to go!")
TY06A31A.WAV (Train game: Sound of a log starting to roll.)
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Unused Graphics

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There is a large amount of unused graphics found in the file BLOWNAWY.ART (254 pictures).

Early Room Graphics

Living Room

Early version (BKSHLF) Final version (LR03V06E)
BlownAway-BKSHLF.png BlownAway-LR03V06E.png

Toy Store

Early version (TS06V01N) Final version (TY06V01)
BlownAway-TS06V01N.png BlownAway-TY06V01.png
Early version (TS06S03N) Final version (TY06V08E)
BlownAway-TS06S03N.png BlownAway-TY06V08E.png
Early version (TS06V02N) Final version (TY06V04S)
BlownAway-TS06V02N.png BlownAway-TY06V04S.png
Early version (TS06V021) Final version (TY06V04N)
BlownAway-TS06V021.png BlownAway-TY06V04N.png
Early version (TOYBETA8) Final version (TY06V03)
BlownAway-TOYBETA8.png BlownAway-TY06V03.png
Early version (TOYBETA9) Final version (TY06V02)
BlownAway-TOYBETA9.png BlownAway-TY06V02.png
Early version (TS06S02N) Final version (TY06V04E)
BlownAway-TS06S02N.png BlownAway-TY06V04E.png
Early version (TOYBETA3) Final version (TY06V092)
BlownAway-TOYBETA3.png BlownAway-TY06V092.png

Bomb Van

Early version (BV09VS) Final version (BV02VS)
BlownAway-BV09VS.png BlownAway-BV02VS.png

Still Images of Puzzles/Screenshots

There are some still images or screenshots which are not used anywhere in the game. It could be possible that they are product screenshots which were accidentally packed into the BLOWNAWY.ART file.

Work-in-Progress Graphics

Helicopter Screen

There are 4 graphics (most likely intended to be 2 flashing animations) which were probably planned for the display screen in the helicopter.

Early User Interface

The EXE file contains Dialog and Menu Resources which were not stripped from the final version of the EXE file. For example, the selection of the Puzzles were initially realized with a Windows dialog box rather than via a fullscreen menu.

There doesn't seem to be a possibility to access these menus/dialogs in-game.

Main Menu

Early interface Final interface
BlownAway-Unused-MainMenu.png Blown Away-title.png

Practice Round (Puzzle Selection)

Early interface Final interface
BlownAway-Beta-PuzzleSelection.png BlownAway-Final-PuzzleSelection.png

Other Windows