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Blue's Birthday Adventure

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Title Screen

Blue's Birthday Adventure

Developer: Humongous Entertainment
Publisher: Humongous Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1998

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
This page could use a little reorganizing.

A game based on the popular kids show Blue's Clues. The world is stuck in an infinite time loop, making every day Blue's birthday. The cruel mistress forces you to assist her unwitting accomplice in a game that will unlock the answer to the riddle of what is being served at the later party, what activities will occur, what other game will be played, and what the captive attendees will get as thanks for coming. It's so huge, it takes two discs to cover.

Please note that each disc shares the same resources (minus the assets for disc-specific rooms), so anything used only on one disc goes unused on the other.

Unused Subtitles

Yet again, like most Humongous Entertainment games, this game features subtitles, but with no way to turn them on. They can be enabled through ScummVM's debugger or by adding the line


to the game's entry in hegames.ini or scummvm.ini. However, they are disabled in any FMV cutscenes. In the sign-in screen, the subtitles will be the same color as the player's set favorite color.

Unused Clickpoint

To do:
There is also one clicking on the clouds in the farm when that configuration is activated.

Adding the line


to hegames.ini or scummvm.ini will enable an unused clickpoint. It can be accessed by clicking the lamp in the toy room. It involves a light bulb doing silly things.

(Source: http://cheatchannel.com/files/blueclue.htm)

Item Debug

Licensed game or not, it's a Humongous tradition.

Graphics for an item debug like the ones in most Humongous games remain hidden in the game... but how to access the screen is a mystery. On the Yellow disc they're stored in room 40 and on the Red disc they're stored in room 37, but those rooms respectively contain the Flower Picking and Find My Friend minigames, which are on the other respective disc. It's also worth noting that most of the items here use different graphics than in the final game.

Unused Graphics

To do:
  • Some of these storyboards might be in the wrong order/group.
  • The room numbers for the storyboards are based on the names HEERip gives them; find out the proper rooms.
  • A lot of the instrument animations are probably wrong; someone better at ripping HE games should fix them if need be.
  • See how/where the noise lines would fit in the placeholder animations.

Room 3

Blue's birthday steve intro storyboard.gif

Storyboard for the game's intro, where Steve greets the player...

Blue's birthday blue intro storyboard.gif

...and Blue entering.

Room 4

Blue's birthday steve talk storyboard1.png

Rough sketch of Steve talking.

Room 5

Blue's birthday mailbox storyboard.gif

Storyboard of Mailbox talking.

Room 7

Blue's birthday steve walk storyboard.gif

Storyboard of Steve walking.

Blue's birthday steve talk storyboard2.gif

Storyboard of Steve either calling for Blue or (judging from his hand motions) pointing out a skidoo location.

Blue's birthday how to play storyboard.gif

Storyboard of the "How to Play Blue's Clues" song.

Room 11

Blue's birthday balloons rough.gif

Rough animation of the balloons from the "What Does Blue Want to Do?" path.

Room 13

Blue's birthday steve room 13 storyboard.gif

Another storyboard of Steve talking.

Room 14

Blue's birthday steve room 14 storyboard.gif

And another one.

Room 15

Blue's birthday steve think storyboard1.gif

A storyboard of Steve presumably at the Thinking Chair. The clues here are a reference to the very first episode of Blue's Clues, "Snack Time".

Room 16

This room has a TON of storyboards of Steve.

Room 18

Blue's birthday salt and pepper sketch1.png

A sketch of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.

Blue's birthday steve excited storyboard.gif

A storyboard of Steve looking very excited about something.

Blue's birthday mixing storyboard.gif

A very tiny storyboard of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper making the cake. The bowl with a face is presumably Bowl from the bakery. While Spatula would appear in Blue's Treasure Hunt, Bowl would not.

Blue's birthday salt and pepper sketch2.png

Another sketch of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper similar to the first, except Paprika's mouth is open and there's a large amount of blank space.

Blue's birthday salt and pepper sketch3.png

A third sketch of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, presumably greeting Steve.

Room 20

Blue's birthday steve talk storyboard5.gif

Another storyboard of Steve talking. Seeing a pattern?

Blue's birthday steve standing sketch.png

A sketch of Steve just standing there.

Room 23

Blue's birthday steve idle storyboard.gif

A very crude storyboard of Steve standing idly.

Blue's birthday steve skidoo sketch1.png

A sketch of Steve skidooing into Storybook Land.

Blue's birthday steve point sketch.png

A sketch of Steve pointing something out.

Blue's birthday camera sketch.png

A sketch of the camera.

Blue's birthday steve gesturing storyboard.gif

A storyboard of Steve gesturing towards something.

Room 24

Blue's birthday steve licked sketch.png

A sketch of Steve being licked by Blue, but for some reason she's not actually drawn in. The background has been preserved so the transparent "spit drops" can be better seen.

Blue's birthday blue pop in sketch.png

A storyboard sketch of Blue popping her head in.

Blue's birthday so long storyboard.gif

A storyboard of the "So Long Song".

Blue's birthday blue cake storyboard.gif

A storyboard of Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper bringing in Blue's cake.

Blue's birthday steve certificate storyboard.gif

A storyboard of Steve giving the player their certificate.

Blue's birthday certificate rough.gif

A rough animation of the certificate.

Room 28

Blue's birthday blue skidoo sketch.png

A sketch of Blue skidooing.

Blue's birthday steve happy sketch.png

Another sketch of Steve talking.

Blue's birthday steve skidoo sketch2.png

A sketch of Steve skidooing, presumably into the picture of the Present Store or the Farm, judging from the positioning.

Room 9 (Bathroom, Red Disc)

Blue's birthday pop stick sketch1.pngBlue's birthday pop stick sketch2.png

Sketches of the juice pop stick lying on the counter.

Room 34 (Red Disc)

Blue's birthday steve talk storyboard6.gif

Yet another storyboard of Steve talking. Thankfully, it's the last one.

Room 45 (Mixed Up Instruments, Red Disc)

Lots of crude placeholders for the instruments, some of which have been done in MS Paint. These animations are mock-ups and close approximations as to how they would look.

Also included are a bunch of stray "noise lines" meant to go with the instruments. They're entirely uninteresting, but hey, they're unused.


Blue's birthday striped balloon.png

Placeholder icon for a striped balloon, meant for the item debug. The ripped graphic only uses the icon for the plain balloon, and the final game uses a spotted balloon instead.

Blue's birthday square key.pngBlue's birthday triangle key.png

Icons for the square and triangle keys, also meant for the item debug. The ripped graphic only includes the icon for the round one.

Just a big ol' X, nothing much to say.

A red X, likely meant to go over currently selected items in the item debug. For whatever reason, it's duplicated multiple times.

Hidden Textures

Rooms 16 and 19 have hidden textures that are obscured by the inventory bar. They can be viewed by opening the ScummVM debugger (Ctrl+D) while in a room without the inventory bar and entering the commands "room 16" or "room 19".

Glad you could make it! Room 16 (for the Yellow Disc, room number for Red Disc is unknown) has Magenta and Snail behind the inventory bar. Seems fitting for Snail to be there, since she's always hiding somewhere in the show.
They lost face. Room 19 (both discs) has the textures for Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, and Paprika. Also behind the inventory bar are the textures for the keys, which are used in the "What Game Does Blue Want to Play?" path.

Unused Dialogue

To do:
  • See if these are referenced in the subtitles file.


File Transcript Notes
We left off right here. We still need to find three clues. Likely meant to be used on the path select screen while a game is still in progress.
This is where you left off. We still need to find two more clues.
This is where we were. We still need to find one more clue.
This is where we were... we were at Blue's party!
"Continue". Definitely meant to play when hovering over the "Continue" and "Start New" options on the path select, but they don't.
"Start New". Click here to start a new game of Blue's Clues!
Hey, we've been looking for a key! We better take it with us. The final game uses three possible keys for the chest in Birthday Land. It was possible there was originally going to be only one key, or maybe this line was used as a catch-all for the three of them.
Hey, to color with the crayon, click anywhere on the picture. Should play when idling at the coloring book while holding a crayon, but nope.
It's green, has a shell, and lives in a tank. Hmm... These next five files are extra lines for the coloring book pages. This one should play on the page that reads "Remember what Steve gave Blue for her birthday?"
It smells like soap! Should play on the page that reads "Do you know what Slippery gave Blue for her birthday?"
Yay for Slippery! Should play on the page that reads "Slippery gave Blue bubbles!" For some reason, it's incorrectly sampled to play at half-speed. The sound file below is how it should play normally.
It's shaped like a circle. What do you think it is? Should play on the page that reads "Do you know what Tickety gave Blue for her birthday?"
Thanks, Tickety! Should play on the page that reads "Tickety gave Blue a clock puzzle for her birthday!"

Kids' Voices

The disembodied child voices have a lot of lines that go unused, most of them seeming to pertain to hovering over objects in the inventory bar. In the final game, kids only say the names of non-permanent items when clicked, and then only in rooms when they don't need to be used.

File Transcript Notes
There! Right there! Probably used as a generic placeholder for finding a clue. In the actual game, the kids point out what the clue is.
Handy Dandy Notebook! Probably meant to play when hovering over the notebook.
The Handy Dandy Notebook!
No clues yet! Probably meant for clicking a pawprint in the inventory, or for clicking on a blank page of the notebook. You can't click on a page if the notebook is blank, and clicking on a pawprint always plays the same line ("That's where our clues go!" said by one kid).
Blue's Clues go there!
You found one of Blue's Clues! Kids commenting on the number of clues. It's unknown where the "you found three clues" line would have fit, considering finding all three clues sends you straight to the Thinking Chair where the inventory is disabled from that point forward.
One Blue's Clue!
There are two more clues to find!
You found two Blue's Clues!
Two Blue's Clues!
There's one more clue to find!
You found all three Blue's Clues!
Three Blue's Clues!
A package for someone! The final game has two kids saying "a package" instead.
A key! Again, either a catch-all for one of the three keys or there was originally only one key. The final game has the kids say "a [shape] key" instead.
That's your party bag! Gee, I don't know. Maybe for hovering the party bag?
That stops the game you're playing. Meant for hovering over the stoplight.
That's the exit!

Unused Sounds

The Junior Adventure logo jingle found in most Humongous games. This game uses the Nick Jr. logo instead of the Junior Adventure one, hence it's unused.

It's the Spy Fox sting! It is used in the demo when clicking on the greeting card clickpoint where the Spy Fox cameo randomly appears, but the cameo was removed in the final thus made this sound left over.

Unused Music

To do:
Is this unused?

An instrumental of the "Pin the Flag on Mailbox" song. Presumably meant to play when talking to Mailbox on the "What Does Blue Want to Do?" path or at the party at the end, where he sings it, but it doesn't.