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Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow

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Title Screen

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow

Also known as: Blue Dragon: Great Beast of the Underworld (JP)
Developer: tri-Crescendo
Publishers: Namco Bandai Games (JP/AU), D3 Publisher (US/EU)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: October 8, 2009
Released in US: May 18, 2010
Released in EU: September 24, 2010
Released in AU: September 2010

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

The buggy yet decent action RPG entry in the Blue Dragon series.

Debug Map


Note: The area name in the screenshot is not that of the debug room, but rather that of the zone it got swapped with.

There is a debug map under the name zzz. It can be accessed via file swapping. It consists of a large checkered square with four NPCs in the middle.

From left to right, the NPCs are:

  • Quest Debugging. This NPC marks quests as cleared or not. The sub-menus each match a different quest. S35 closes the menu. Some quests that can't be normally cleared can be marked as such that way.
  • Event Viewer. It does just that. Note that this is the only way to escape the Debug Room. The sub-menus each match a different quest. S35 closes the menu.
  • Text Checker. This seems to be for testing events, but it crashes the game, which in turn triggers an unused crash handler screen—the same "The Game could not read data" screen used for corrupt save data. The sub-menus each match a different quest, with S35 closing the menu.
  • Flag Debugger. There are four options: Number Specification, All flags cleared, All gimmick skills ON, and All raids on.
Download.png Download Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Debug Map Patch
File: BlueDragonAwakenedShadow-XdeltaPatchEnableDebug.rar (10 KB) (info)

Apply this patch to the US version, then visit any Forest Arena through the portal found in the center of the city.