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Blue Takes You to School

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Title Screen

Blue Takes You to School

Developer: ImaginEngine
Publisher: Atari Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 2003

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

The game where Blue... takes you to school.

Unused Graphics

Miss Marigold Rough

Blueschool s04 menMM.png

blueschool_s04_menMM.smk is a rough pencil sketch of Miss Marigold.

Early Title Screen

Blueschool s04 menIntro.png

s04 menIntro.smk is an earlier version of the start screen, with a rough sketch of Miss Marigold, different character sprites and a repositioned rabbit.

Labeled Smackers

There are a lot of unused Smacker files consisting of existing graphics with text over them, likely intended for labeling actions. Many are duplicates with a changed letter or number.

FPO Only

Blueschool s05 cubPic1.png

s05_cubPic1.smk is one of the paintings with FPO only written on it, which means "For Position Only".

Username Already Exists

Blueschool sxx AnotherName.png

sxx_AnotherName.smk is a graphic for when you enter an already existing username. However, entering an existing username just logs you into that profile.

Unused Dialogue

Joe has a lot of placeholder dialogue voiced by none other than Microsoft Sam.

Audio Subtitle
Hey! Someone gave you a painting! Look in the paintings from friends folder in your cubby to check it out.
Guess what! There's a new painting from a friend for you in your paintings from friends folder. Check your cubby to see.
You might want to check the paintings from friends folder in your cubby. There's a new painting waiting for you from one of your school friends.
Well guess what, it's all filled up. There's no room for anymore paintings.
If you want to get anymore paintings from your friends here at school, you'll need to print some of the paintings and clear some space.
You can check the received paintings folder in your cubby when you get the chance, and make more room.
Just wanted to let you know.
You know what? I just checked your friends folder and it's full right now. You could try sending your painting later or you could choose someone else to send it to instead.
Delivery time.
I'm off to make a delivery. See you later.
And now, Joe the Delivery Boy is on his way. (salutes)
Oh wow, you'd do a painting for me? Really? Gee, thanks.
Thank you so much. I'll save this and bring it home with me later.