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Bomberman '94/'94 To Mega

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This is a sub-page of Bomberman '94.

To do:
  • There are quite a few more differences to add.
  • Regional differences.

Bomberman '94 was ported to the Genesis/Mega Drive by Westone (of Wonder Boy fame) and released in the US and Europe. Since it was probably intended to be the "localized" version of Bomberman '94 (due to the TurboGrafx-16 popularity falling short at that time), this port was not released in Japan.

General Differences

  • The Genesis hardware is capable of displaying far fewer simultaneous colors than the PC Engine (61 versus 482). As a result, many of the game's graphics had to be downgraded somewhat.
  • The maximum number of players allowed in the "Battle Game" mode was reduced from five to four, despite the fact that Sega's Team Player adapter supports up to five players (and even eight when used alongside a second unit). As a result, the blue Bomberman was unceremoniously excised from this version.
Bomberman '94 Mega Bomberman
Bomberman '94 Mega Ma...er Mega Bomberman
  • The title logo was (obviously) changed.
  • The green Louie was changed to a blue color.
  • The green Bomberman was slightly redrawn and moved into the spot originally occupied by the blue Bomberman.
  • "Push Run Button!" was changed to "Press Start Button" (since the PC Engine's "Start" button is called "Run" instead).
  • The copyright text is colored differently.
  • "PASS WORD" became "PASSWORD".

Normal Game Differences

  • Mega Bomberman generally has a lot more slowdown than its PC Engine counterpart, likely due to sloppy or inefficient coding on Westone's part.
Bomberman '94 Mega Bomberman
It's rude to point I didn't mean it. Come back!
  • The Bombermen on the world map screen are missing in Mega Bomberman.

Area Names

Area '94 Mega
1 モリモリの森 (Morimori no Mori) (Energetic Forest) Jammin' Jungle
2 アチアチ山 (Achiachi Yama) (Scorching Mountain) Vexin' Volcano
3 ブクブクの海 (Bukubuku no Umi) (Bubbly Sea) Slammin' Sea
4 クラクラ城 (Kurakura Jou) (Dizzy Castle) Crankin' Castle
5 ユキユキランド (Yukiyuki Land) (Snowy Land) Thrashin' Tundra

Jammin' Jungle

Bomberman '94 Mega Bomberman
Vibrant! Dull.
  • The stage palette in Jammin' Jungle was made significantly darker and the pattern on the floor was removed, possibly to improve the visibility of enemies and obstacles.

Battle Game Differences

Bomberman '94 Mega Bomberman
Look at all the pretty colors! Wow. Just...wow.
  • Bomberman '94 defaults to 1 round per match, while Mega Bomberman defaults to 3.
Bomberman '94 Mega Bomberman
COLORS. Look Ma! Less colors!
  • The character mugshots were heavily altered to use a much smaller color palette, which also led to an unfortunate loss of detail. Most notably, the Kamikaze Bomber now sports a plain white mohawk.
Bomberman '94 Mega Bomberman
Choose A Stage Choose ONE Stage
  • Only one stage can be seen on the stage select screen at a time in Mega Bomberman, likely due to palette limitations.