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Boohbah: Wiggle & Giggle

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Title Screen

Boohbah: Wiggle & Giggle

Developer: Polkadot Place
Publisher: Brighter Minds Media
Platforms: Mac OS Classic, Windows
Released in US: 2004

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

It's the Michelin Man's illegitimate love children! On LSD!

FTP Logs

Several folders on the install CD for the game contain WSFTP.LOG files which detail the date and IP address these files were originally uploaded to during development. (Text has had linebreaks added to make reading easier.)

2004.08.19 02:15 B C:\Documents and Settings\mcarangelo\Desktop\UPLOAD 08182004\WigglesAndGiggles\files\QT\PresentQT1.mov --> /ragdoll/Boohbah/UPLOAD 08182004/WigglesAndGiggles/files/QT PresentQT1.mov
2004.08.19 02:19 B C:\Documents and Settings\mcarangelo\Desktop\UPLOAD 08182004\WigglesAndGiggles\files\QT\PresentQT2.mov --> /ragdoll/Boohbah/UPLOAD 08182004/WigglesAndGiggles/files/QT PresentQT2.mov
2004.08.19 02:25 B C:\Documents and Settings\mcarangelo\Desktop\UPLOAD 08182004\WigglesAndGiggles\files\QT\PresentQT3.mov --> /ragdoll/Boohbah/UPLOAD 08182004/WigglesAndGiggles/files/QT PresentQT3.mov
2004.08.19 02:28 B C:\Documents and Settings\mcarangelo\Desktop\UPLOAD 08182004\WigglesAndGiggles\files\QT\Title.mov --> /ragdoll/Boohbah/UPLOAD 08182004/WigglesAndGiggles/files/QT Title.mov
2004.08.19 02:45 B C:\Documents and Settings\mcarangelo\Desktop\UPLOAD 08182004\WigglesAndGiggles\files\QT\WachenAuf.mov --> /ragdoll/Boohbah/UPLOAD 08182004/WigglesAndGiggles/files/QT WachenAuf.mov

'mcarangelo' presumably refers to Michael Carangelo, a producer who worked at Funnybone Interactive, which was Polkadot Place's predecessor.

Strangely, the disc shows all Mac OS files on a Windows computer, despite it having a dedicated HFS file system. The Windows install routine even copies these files to your system when you install the game.