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Borderlands 2/Unused Audio

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This is a sub-page of Borderlands 2.

And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Audio vulgarity.
To do:
Some more unused clips other than the vending machines.
  • Captain Flynt telling his bandit that there's a bounty on his brother Baron (and revealing that those are their first names).
  • Short dialogue from Angel explaining why Jack can't stop your respawning.
  • Jack explaining why Wilhelm was so easy to fight (he poisoned him).
  • Shade and Captain Scarlett have dialogue implying you were originally supposed to kill the latter.


The Mechromancer class has an unused death scream.

New-U Stations

Handsome Jack was also supposed to deliver sarcastic lines to the New-U respawn stations. Instead, it's a generic female voice, which to be fair, isn't any less sarcastic. These lines were later used in the Nintendo Switch port of the game.

This is hilarious! I own the machine that just respawned you, so every time you die, you're actually paying me. Ha ha! Wait, is that ironic or is that one of those things you think is ironic, but actually isn't? Like a cripple doing standup? I don't know.

Thanks for dying! I just bought a pony made of diamonds!

Hey, I need you to help me name a diamond-covered pony you just bought for me. I was thinking "Crap-for-brains" in honor of you, but that's not terribly mature, so I don't know. I was thinking "Butt Stallion". What do you think?

Oh my god! Ha ha ha, here it goes again! Oh, shit... you're such an idiot! Thank you so much.

I'm considering going 'cha-ching' right now, but that would be really immature. So, let's just say that with 10 percent of what you just paid me by dying, I can cure universal hunger. But no, that money was better spent reviving you!

Cha-ching! Crap, I totally said I wasn't going to do that, and I did it anyway.

All this dying you're doing! I can't even imagine how you're going to take me down! Things going as they are, I might just spend the next few weeks killing and reviving you, just to amuse myself. That'd be fun, won't it?

Dude. Get it together.


*crunch* Hey, is there anything you DON'T suck at? *crunch*

Tiny Tina

At some point in development, the "Bearer of Bad News" quest required you to tell Tiny Tina about Roland's death.

Roland's dead? Thank you... thank you for telling me. Please go now.

Here, I was saving this for a rainy day, but I hope it can help you take down Jack. Please go now.

Vending Machines

Alongside radio advertisements for the guns & arms companies used in game, all of the arms companies have a full set of files that fit perfectly with the vending machines. However, in-game they go unused, as Marcus Kincaid is the only person to own weapon-based vending machines. Whether or not each company was to get its own vending machine isn't clear - but with this said, the Torgue files are used for the "Mr Torgue's Campaign of Carnage" DLC, as Mr Torgue does have his own vending machines.


Interestingly, some swears that would normally be censored in-game are left intact here.

Entering Store Screen

Bandit guns! Bandit guns! Yeah!

More bullets! Moooore bullets! Bandit! Bang! Bang bang bang bang! Bang! No reload! Bandit guns!

Don't take your finger off the trigger, or I'll eat it! Bandit!

Bandit guns - they give you so much bullets!

Bandit manufactured weapons embodies a symbol of philosophy; the importance of more bullets! More death! More killing! Ahaha!

Bandit guns - welcome to bullet hell!

Bandit weapons - keep firing! Rack skulls!

Lots of ammo! Lots of fun! Bandit guns!

Rip the flesh! Salt the wounds! Buy Bandit guns for a reasonable price!

Buying Weapons

Gimme... gimme the cash! Gimme the cash!

This cash will feed my children to me!

Money money money money money!

Don't let the rust taint your hand holes!

Itchy... trigger finger. Itchy itchy ITCHY!

I'll pick that off your corpse!

Commerce, bitch!

Ram that up their gut screamers!

Return it, will ya, in 30 days for a full refund!

I smeared my diarrhea on the handle. That's viral marketing!

Leaving Store Screen

Never come back!

Riddle 'em with holes!

I will cut you deep!

I love you much, you and me.

Make 'em scream!

Bye byeeeee!

Wipe that fucking smile off your face!

Kill everything!

Murder time!

Kill! Kill kill!


Entering Store Screen

Stability. Efficiency. Deadliness. Dahl.

Bring a Dahl weapon with you on your next assignment. It just might bring you back.

If killing is your business, you. Buy. Dahl. Period.

Dahl - because four trillion enemy corpses can't be wrong.

In the heat of battle, there are only two things you can count on; your gut, and your Dahl weapon.

Dead customers can't be repeat customers. Dahl.

Dahl - because recoil is the enemy.

The Dahl corporation believes there's only one thing more dangerous than a trained soldier, and that's recoil.

When your target is in your sights, the last thing you want to worry about is recoil. Buy Dahl.

Power through stability. Dahl.

Buying Weapons

A wise decision.

Treat her well, soldier.

Take care of a Dahl weapon, and it will take care of you.

The Dahl corporation thanks you.

You won't regret that.

You made a very smart choice.

Now you're ready.

Ten-four. Acknowledged.

Your enemies don't stand a chance.

Leaving Store Screen

Good hunting.

Be careful out there, soldier.

Lock and load.


Get moving, soldier!

See you on the other side.

Go, go, go!

Earn this.

Never stop fighting.

Kill stuff. Get paid.


Entering Store Screen

Hyperion - the weapons of heroes!

If you're rich enough to afford a Hyperion weapon, you bloody well deserve it!

Protect yourself like I protect this planet; get a Hyperion!

Hyperion - nothing takes down a bandit quicker!

Hey there, this is Handsome Jack saying "Hyperion makes the best, most accurate weapons in the galaxy. That's why I bought this stupid place!"

Buy Hyperion - after all, this is Handsome Jack. Would I steer you wrong?

Hyperion believes that, at the end of the day, it's all about accuracy.

Hey, those bandits can move pretty quick! Heh heh, that's why you better have an accurate gun in your hands! Get a Hyperion.

Hyperion weaponry - hell, I'd make buying them mandatory. Can I do that?

When you just gotta kill a Vault Hunter, choose Hyperion.

Buying Weapons

Thanks for the coin, chump.

You've got good taste... for a bandit.

Hyperion makes the best.

I'm surprised you can afford it!

That'll help kill you some bandits.

You know I'll just be taking that back later, right?

A villain buying guns from the hero? Ironic!

You're gonna die with that gun in your hand! That's kinda neat, isn't it?

Hey, uh, make sure to point the barrel away from your body, bandit?

Thanks for the money! I think I'll open another gulag...

Leaving Store Screen

Hey, have fun out there, bandit.

Buh-bye, now.

Hey, see you later, bandit.


We appreciate your business.

Kill some bandits for me, pal.

Thanks for shopping from Captain Awesome!

Ooh, where you going? You still got money left, pal!

Farewell, bandito!

See you later!


Entering Store Screen

We at Jakobs still believe what our fathers taught us; shoot for the head.

If it took more than one shot, hell, you weren't using a Jakobs.

Accuracy don't mean squat if you ain't got the power to back it up. That's the Jakobs way.

Our guns can decapitate a Goliath with a single shot! Jakobs; a family company.

If you believe in whiskey, wood grain, and high-ass damage, then welcome... welcome to the Jakobs family.

Don't hit them fast, hit them hard. That's Jakobs.

Jakobs - one shot is all you need.

Put your enemies out of their misery, one bullet at a time. Jakobs.

At Jakobs, we're of the opinion that high damage is highly satisfying.

Old-fashioned guns for a new-fangled age - the Jakobs corporation.

Buying Weapons

Welcome to the Jakobs family.

You'll pop some skulls with that.

You got taste.

Thank you kindly!

Much oblidged.

That there's a wise choice.

Now you got the power.

You know quality, my friend.

Be sure to fan that hammer!

Excellent choice.

Leaving Store Screen

You come back now!

It was a pleasure.

Careful out there!

Keep your hand on your sidearm.

You're always welcome in the Jakobs family.

Be careful.

Tough world out there.

Always keep one in the chamber.

Happy trails!

Don't be gun-shy, now.

Hope to see you again!



Entering Store Screen

Tediore - because breaking skulls shouldn't break the bank.

Why just reload when you can throw an explosive? Tediore.

Tediore believes reloading should be like bad love-making; quick and explosive.

You're not cheap, you're thrifty! Tediore.

The Tediore corporation asks "Why would you need high damage when you can reload in the blink of an eye?"

Reloading any Tediore gun will make it explode! This feature was completely intentional.

Low prices and fast reloads. The Tediore corporation.

In these busy days, who has time for long reloads? Buy Tediore.

Buy one Tediore gun, get another free! This offer expires at the end of this sentence.

Buy Tediore! Please.

Buying Weapons

Thank you so much!

Congratulations! You're our millionth customer!

Thank you for your business.

You bought something! Yay!

You still got money. Keep buying stuff!

Why not buy a few more guns?

Your satisfaction is number-one!

You'll murder thousands with that model.

Deadly AND affordable!

Now be careful with that!

Leaving Store Screen

Come again!

We'll see you soon.

Don't get killed out there!

When you think cheap and deadly, thank Tediore.

Have a nice day!

Good luck out there, killer!

Tell your friends!

Tediore's always got something new. Come back later.

Come back soon!

Thank you for shopping with Tediore!