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Brutal Legend (Windows)

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Title Screen

Brütal Legend

Developer: Double Fine Productions
Publisher: Double Fine Productions
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: February 26, 2013

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

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What do you get when you mix together real-time strategy, open-world gameplay, heavy metal music, voice acting from famous movie and music stars, and the story of Hamlet? You get Brütal Legend!

Debug Commands

Open BrutalLegend/Data/Config/Buddha.cgf. By default, it looks like this...

-- release settings

-- we need to remove this once we're out of beta
net.SkillFilter = false

You can also add several more commands...

  • enableDebugFlying = true gives the player the ability to fly outside of the RTS segments, allowing you to see everything on the map and even access areas which shouldn't be accessible.

Unused Map Content

  • The entire map is surrounded by islands, which are inaccessible without flying. Some of these islands are strangely detailed, considering the player will only view them in the foggy distance.
  • The Screaming Wall continues on out to sea before ending with a jagged edge, just as depicted in the in-game map. The area above it seems to imply that there was once a plan for the player to be able to get the car up there and drive along it, but this was scrapped and the area is heavily glitched.
  • The statue of Riggnorok has an area around it which is clearly driveable, however, a kill-box just above the path prevents access.
  • South of Lionwhyte's castle is a mountain-range which is normally inaccessible, but use of the Flight Debug Command, or going into the game's files shows an incomplete road carved out of the cliffside, with one end near the fork in the road behind the palace and the other stopping at the mountains behind Mount Rockmore. It is likely that this road was intended to be an alternate path (bypassing the caves) from the wastes behind the palace to the strangely inaccessible cliff which sits below the faces on Mount Rockmore, but was cut due to interfering with the scene where the heroes return to the Bladehenge area.

Unused Factions

A 3rd faction (the Drowning Doom faction being the 4th), known as the Motor Freaks, was planned and partially implemented, but removed from the game. They were supposed to be in the snow area, but were cut later in development due to time constraints. According to developer interviews and blogs, a rudimentary version with basic models and basic units was playable at some point during early alphas, but was removed by release. There are still artifacts of them in the game however, such as the Drowning Doom being referred to as "Faction D" in the game files instead of "Faction C" to follow "Faction A" and "Faction B". The Motorfreaks were coded in as "Faction C".

Unused Videos

  • endcreditsEA.bik is a leftover video from the console versions, which were published by Electronic Arts. On the console versions, this was one of the videos that played during the credits. Since the PC port was not published by EA, this video is left unused on the PC version.
  • MPTU_PS3.bik is a leftover video from the PS3 version. It's the same as the MPTU video used on all of the other versions, just left in the PC version's files for some reason.
  • PEGI.bik can be found even in North American purchases, but the video is only used in the European purchases of the game, as that region abides by the PEGI system, while NA has the ESRB instead.
  • test.bik and testskirmish.bik are test movie files.

Unused Graphics

  • Button icons from the PlayStation 3 version exist within the files. There are also button icons for an Xbox 360 controller too, but these actually are used in-game, since just like with almost all modern PC games, the PC port has support for Xbox 360 controllers. The PS3 buttons, on the other hand, are never used.