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Bubble Scratch (Adobe Flash, 2013)

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Title Screen

Bubble Scratch

Developer: Griffpatch
Publisher: Griffpatch
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: May 15, 2018

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Bubble Scratch is a Flash game on Scratch by griffpatch, one of the site's most well known users. The game is effectively a Puzzle Bobble clone comprised entirely of Scratch's default graphics and 10 endlessly looping levels. Still relatively impressive for a game on Scratch.

Unused Graphics

There are unused graphics for a purple and green bubble, containing a starfish and flag respectively. There are also corresponding purple and green stars. There doesn't seem to be any code left referencing these assets as of v0.9b.

Revisional Differences


Initial (public) release.


Released 5 days later after v0.8, it added a score counter, a limit to how many shots you have per level, and a placeholder end screen to indicate all 10 levels have been finished (the game will still continue after that however). It also fixed a bug where some bubbles wouldn't fall.


To do:
What differences are there, if any?

It is unknown what is different in this version, when it was released, or if a "0.9a" exists - the changelog does not mention this version or 0.9a at all.